ORA R1 is the World’s Cheapest Electric Car

China’s Great Wall Motors have launched the new ORA R1 electric hatchback on the 26th of December 2018. ORA is Great Wall Motors’ sub brand dedicated for new energy vehicles. ORA stands for ‘Open, Reliable and Alternative’ and is aimed at the young generation of car buyers.

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The R1 is the second model in ORA lineup, and delivers a maximum cruising range of 351km thanks to a 35kw motor. Available in four variants, the ORA R1 is available from just 59,800 to 77,800 yuan ($8,680 to $11,293 USD), making it the world’s cheapest electric car.

Great Wall Motors are the pioneers to have created their first dedicated platform for EVs, called the ‘ME’ platform. The system arranges the overall layout of the core components such as the motor, battery and electronic control, and full integration of the three-electric systems. The construction also enables it to be lightweight and long-lasting, with a 16% reduction in volume and 12% reduction in weight delivering optimum performance and enhanced mileage.

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The ORA R1 focuses on delivering five core principles: high value, larger space, smarter, safer and higher quality. Measuring 3495 x 1660 x 1560mm, the spacious ORA R1 also offers security with a body made from more than 60% of high-strength steel.

The design itself is simple, unique and cute in style – highlighted immediately with its big eye headlights. The R1 is also equipped with an artificial intelligence system that can be woken up by simply saying, ‘Hello, ORA’. The EV is available in 5 colors including three plain color of titanium white, cadet blue, sky blue, while two combinations of titanium white with glitter black, and cadet blue with titanium white.

The interior, mainly covered by black and silver, is designed to gratify younger consumers. The interior boasts a cute styling which is characterized by lots of round elements, such as dual dashboard, air conditioner vents, three-spoke steering wheel and gearshift. A large-sized floating center console display generates a futuristic sense, while is still in tune with the overall retro style.

To facilitate drivers’ operation, the ORA R1 boasts a series of amenities that allow users to remotely check and diagnose vehicle status, activate air conditioner, open/close car doors as well as make an appointment for electric charging. Other standard features include Bluetooth key, vehicle-mobile phone connection system and hill-start assist control. The top-spec variant carries daytime running lights, electrical parking brake, electronic stability program, 6 airbags and smart front-view system.

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The R1 is ORA’s second vehicle after the iQ5 and the company will reportedly launch four EVs by 2020. The next vehicle ORA R2 is expected to arrive in Q3 2019.

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