Pakistan To Produce KIA Vehicles In Collaboration With Iran

Sohail Bashir Rana, member of Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) told IRNA that KIA is in talks with Pakistani ‘Lucky’ Company to restart manufacturing facility in Pakistan.

He recalled that KIA cars had been assembled by Pakistan in the past but the production was stopped due to some problems. Sohail Bashir Rana, who is also director of Millat Tractors Limited (MTL), said KIA has a very big set up in Iran so the KIA plant in Iran will provide components of KIA vehicles to Pakistani plant.

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He added that collaboration between Iran and Pakistan was mainly restricted to manufacturing tractors. The official also said that in the past Millat Tractors of Pakistan was collaborating with Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company and Sarzan Motors to produce tractor components.

“We are in talks with these companies to restart this facility. There are some procedural problems such as lack of banking channel but I am hopeful that these hurdles would be removed in near future,” he added.

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The Pakistani official added that German Volkswagen and French Renault companies have also shown interest in establishing car manufacturing plants in Pakistan with the collaboration of local companies.

from Iran Daily


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