Pakistan’s 10 Top Selling Cars in 2023

Although 2023 was a year to forget for local assemblers due to disappointing sales figures, with volumes nearly slashed in half. Still, in terms of figures, let’s see which cars were the top-selling in the country between January and December 2023.

10. Kia Sportage

sportage 3

Sportage has been the bestselling car in Kia’s local lineup and it managed to secure its place in the top 10 with 3,252 units sold in 2023. Although the numbers are 52% less than the 7,630 units sold in 2022.

9. Suzuki Wagon R

WagonR PK 6

The Wagon R tallboy hatchback was in 9th place with 3,494 units sold in 2023. However, its sales went down from 15,273 units in 2022 rendering a dismal 77% decline in sales. Not to mention, the highest Suzuki Wagon R achieved in Pakistan was in 2017/18 when more than 29,000 units were sold in a year.

8. Suzuki Cultus

cuktus black

Cultus was in 8th place having sold 3,721 units in 2023, which is 73% less than the 13,798 units sold in calendar year 2022. Bear in mind over 23,000 units of Cultus were sold in 2021, marking the peak of its popularity.

7. Hyundai Tucson

Tucson 1

With 4,198 units, the Hyundai Tucson secured 7th place among the top sellers but witnessed a 28% decline compared to 5,804 units sold in 2022.

6. Suzuki Swift

Swift blue 2 1

Swift at 6th place saw 4,433 units sold between January and December 2023, but compared to 12,833 units sold in 2022, it suffered a 65% decline in sales.

5. Toyota Yaris

yaris 2

Yaris was placed in 5th place having sold 4,796 units in 2023. However, compared to 15,507 units sold in 2022, the sedan suffered a 69% sales decline. Not to mention, in its peak time in 2020/21, Yaris clocked nearly 30,000 units a year.

4. Toyota Hilux

hilux 1

Hilux at 4th place is nothing less than a surprise. The 5,401 units in 2023 however, rendered a 42% dip in sales compared to 9,339 units sold in 2022.

3. Honda City

city white

Honda City grabbed the podium place having sold 5,888 units in 2023. However, compared to the previous year, sales were down by 70% since 19,860 units were sold in 2022.

2. Toyota Corolla

corolla w

The decade-old Toyota Corolla is still the most preferred sedan in the market.7,176 units of Corolla were sold in 2023 which is 70% less than the already dented numbers of 23,960 units sold in 2022. Not to mention at its peak, the Corolla used to sell over 50,000 units a year.

1. Suzuki Alto


Alto for another year running, cemented its place as the highest-selling car in Pakistan. However, sales dropped by 68% from 66,427 units in 2022 to 21,170 units in 2023. Still, sales of the runner-up are almost 3 times less than that of Alto. During its peak, Alto saw more than 70,000 units leaving the showroom floors in 2021.

Data compiled by Auto Journal

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