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Petrol and Diesel Reduced by Rs 2

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The government on Friday has reduced the prices of petrol and high-speed diesel (HSD) by Rs 2 per liter each, for the month of December.

After the revision, the price of petrol has gone down from Rs 97.83 to Rs 95.83 per liter. While the price of HSD has been reduced from Rs 112.94 to Rs 110.94 per liter. Furthermore the government has slashed kerosene price by Rs 3 to Rs 83.50 per liter, whereas the price of light diesel oil (LDO) went down by Rs 5 to Rs 77.44 per liter.

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Old Prices New Prices Difference
Petrol Rs 97.83 per liter Rs 95.83 per liter Rs 2 per liter
High-speed Diesel Rs 112.94 per liter Rs 110.94 per liter Rs 2 per liter
Kerosene oil Rs 86.50 per liter Rs 83.50 per liter Rs 3 per liter
Light-speed diesel Rs 82.44 per liter Rs 77.44 per liter Rs 5 per liter
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