Proton Prices Increased Yet Again

Proton Pakistan has announced to revise the prices of its cars yet again. The latest increase comes hardly after 42 days of the previous price hike that was announced on 22nd June 2022. Interestingly this comes after the PKR has recovered by Rs 20 against US Dollar and is continuing to improve its lost value. Nevertheless, the revised Proton price are effective from 4th August 2022.

The price of Saga sedan has been revised from Rs 245,000 to up to Rs 300,000 after which the base variant of Saga is available from PKR 28.24 lac whereas the top-spec Saga Ace is now available at PKR 31.49 lac. The price of X70 has been increase by up to Rs 900,000 after which the Executive AWD variant is now priced at PKR 65.8 lac while Premium FWD variant now cost PKR 73.0 lac.

Auto assemblers are in process of announcing price hikes but with Rupee now regaining its value, we will have to wait to see when the prices of new cars in Pakistan are reduced.

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