Renault Duster Extreme Concept Unveiled At Sao Paulo Motor Show


Ever since Renault announced its plans to produce cars in Pakistan, Renault Duster is one car that is making quite some news in the local automotive scene. The Board of Investment (BOI) has already hinted that the SUV will be priced somewhere around PKR 25 lac, however these speculated prices are off course unofficial.

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At the ongoing 2016 Sao Paulo Motor Show in Brazil, Renault has unveiled the Duster Extreme Concept, developed by RDAL (Renault Design Latin America) which is Renault’s design centre based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


renault-duster-extreme-concept_827x510_61478772221The new Duster Extreme, as the name and photos suggest, shows us a fully-equipped all-terrain Duster SUV. The concept model comes fitted with several sports utility materials, equipment and high-performance accessories such as all-terrain tires, towing hook, high beam LED lights, snorkel, LED headlamps, high ground clearance, both front and rear skid plates, and plastic clad roof rails etc. The interior is finished in black and has red accents on various elements, “EXTREME” lettering written on the dashboard and “4WD” lettering on the lower part of steering wheel.

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Renault Duster Extreme is based on the 2.0-litre flex-fuel four-cylinder engine which is capable to run on both petrol & ethanol.  It produces 143 hp running on petrol and 148 hp running on ethanol. Although the production model of Duster 4×4 has a 6-speed manual transmission on offer, but surprisingly the interior image of the Extreme concept shows a 5-speed manual transmission.

Latin American market is very important for both Renault & Nissan, as they keep rolling out interesting iterations of their vehicles to stay ahead of the competition.


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