Say Goodbye to Honda E

Honda’s adorable little electric hatchback that debuted in 2019 and went on sale in early 2020 is being retired due to poor sales. An announcement on the company’s website in Japan confirms that the production of Honda E will end in January 2024. The electric hatchback has already been removed from European & Japanese websites.

Despite its charming looks, the demise of the Honda E was inevitable, primarily due to a couple of reasons. First was its high price— almost the same as the Tesla Model 3, and second was its low driving range that peaked at around 220km only (WLTP) from a compact 35.5kWh battery pack.

honda e1

Honda E featured an electric motor driving the rear axle, with two power outputs – 100 kW (134 hp) and 113 kW (152 hp). The small EV could accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in approximately 8 seconds. It also featured fast charging capable of achieving 80% charge in 30 minutes.

Honda e 2021 1600 04

Honda executives have confirmed there are no plans for a second-generation Honda E – or another similarly-sized electric vehicle – due to the growing popularity of SUVs. Rebecca Adamson, boss of Honda UK’s cars division, told British publication Autocar earlier this year:

“There won’t be more cars the size of the Honda E. I can say that confidently. The market demand in the UK is the SUV sector, so that’s why the focus is there. It’s a market-led product line-up. As long as that’s where the market is, we will continue to be SUV-driven.”

The case of Honda E is another example of a Japanese catastrophic failure in the electric vehicle segment. Even if the demand for small EVs is not there in Japan, Honda never considered the E to be introduced in other parts of the world where small electric cars are doing extremely well. It was a failed opportunity for sure. Despite its charming looks, the Honda E was never able to cut the mustard.

honda e12

On the other hand, there is a flurry of small Chinese electric cars that are doing great in export markets, due to their competitive price, rich features & equipment, and impressive driving range. For example, a similar-sized BYD Dolphin that comes equipped with a 38 kWh LFP battery and a 55kWh motor delivers up to 405km of CLTC range.

Byd Seagull 5 Door 4 Seat 2023 Electric New Car 55kw 75PS Motor 0 5h Fast Charge 30 09kwh Battery Long Endurance 305km Maximum Speed 135km H

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