Sazgar Increases Haval H6 Prices by Rs 1.24 Million

Car prices in Pakistan continue to run rampant like wild horses on the loose. Automakers citing volatility in Rupee-Dollar parity are giving a massive push in prices, and Sazgar is the latest one to join the bandwagon by announcing revised Haval H6 prices.

Having already made a substantial increase in the BAIC BJ40 Plus price which now cost Rs 99.95 lac, Sazgar has given a whopping up to Rs 1.24 million push to the prices of Haval H6. The company offers the H6 in three guises which are now priced as:

New prices of Haval H6 in Pakistan

Models Old Price
New Price
Haval H6 1.5T FWD Rs 7,425,000 Rs 8,449,000 Rs 1,024,000
Haval H6 2.0T AWD Rs 8,499,000 Rs 9,649,000 Rs 1,150,000
Haval H6 1.5T PHEV Rs 9,749,000 Rs 10,995,000 Rs 1,246,000

With this, the Haval H6 PHEV has now joined the Rs 1 crore+ club which already has locally assembled options including the Toyota Hilux Revo, Fortuner, and Fortuner Legender.

Auto assemblers in Pakistan are purely dependent on imported components for their local assembly operations, must now work to enhance the localized content in true means otherwise these frequent price revisions will result in diminished sales. Between August and December 2022, Sazgar produced 655 units of Haval H6 and managed to sell only 442 units.

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