Study Shows BYD Seal and Dolphin are the Safest Cars in the World

A recent Compare the Market Australia study shows that the BYD Seal and Dolphin are the safest vehicles on the market worldwide, with the Seal coming in first and the Dolphin coming in second.

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Kia Sportage, Mitsubishi Outlander, and Tesla Model Y are the remaining cars in the top five. According to Adrian Taylor, Compare the Market’s Executive General Manager of General Insurance:

“The BYD Seal and Dolphin demonstrated high safety scores against the strictest 2023 testing criteria from Australasian and European safety authorities, in addition to universally standard safety assistance systems globally.”

The car insurance experts assessed 32 models available in the majority of 6 marketplaces using 6 data points. Australia, New Zealand, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada were the countries examined. These markets are overseen by three separate safety authorities. To determine an overall safety grade, the ratings of the three independent organizations were assessed using the Global New Car Assessment Program (Global NCAP). In addition, the study investigated whether critical safety support features were universally present in each model.

byd dolphin y seal

Along with the ANCAP, Euro NCAP, and NHTSA ratings, the remaining data points included reversing camera, AEB, and lane assist, as well as whether each of these features was standard on the base model in all of the countries being evaluated.

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Not all models were available in every region, for example, the BYD Seal and Dolphin were not available in North America, thus indexing scores from the other two safety bodies were averaged to generate an assumed score.

byd seal dolphin

The BYD Seal and Dolphin’s high ranking can be attributed to their use of the most recent safety standards in their testing. Vehicles evaluated based on criteria from 2022 or prior years were penalized. This meant that, even though the Tesla Model Y’s individual safety score was greater than that of the two BYD vehicles, the Model Y lost 25% of its points because it was evaluated based on 2020–2022 criteria.

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In the 2023 ANCAP and Euro NCAP testing, both BYD models were awarded 5 stars. Their ability to lead the ranking was aided by the fact that equipment like the AEB, lane assistance, and 360° camera were offered as standard in the European and Australasian markets.

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