Suzuki Every Nameplate Completes 41 Years

The 7th generation Suzuki Carry debuted in March 1979 and began reaching export markets in August of that year. Like the preceding generations, the Carry was available in both pickup and minivan forms.

However, in December 1982, the minivan iteration of the 7th gen Carry range became separated in the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) to be sold as the Suzuki Every. This now makes the Suzuki Every nameplate 41 years old.

The very first JDM Suzuki Every 1982

Since the two-stroke engine was unable to meet the stricter emission regulations for passenger cars in Japan, the Every was exclusively offered with the four-stroke engine. In November 1982, a four-wheel drive version was also offered.

suzuki every 5

In 1985, a new generation Every was introduced. And while the Carry name continued to be used in export markets, the Every nameplate was restricted to be sold in the Japanese market only. The succeding models not only got improvements in terms of design & functionality, but they were also equipped with smaller & fuel-efficient 660cc engines to comply with Japanese kei car regulations. Turbocharged variants were also on offer.

suzuki every turbo
JDM Suzuki Every Turbo

This also meant that the Every was relatively smaller in terms of dimensions than the Carry van marketed in other regions, not to mention that the Carry continued to obtain larger 1.0L and 1.5L engines depending on the market, while the 660cc unit was only available in Japan.

Suzuki Every 1999

Despite differences in the dimensions and a smaller engine, the Every just like its Carry sibling was primarily intended for urban commuting and light cargo transport. It remains a popular choice in Japan and is considered among Suzuki volume sellers in the Japanese market. It can also be found in decent numbers in our market thanks to the used JDM imports.

every white

Every in its latest guise— the DA17V— has been around since 2015 and a replacement model is long overdue. Suzuki hasn’t shared any timeline regarding the replacement model, but it did reveal an electrified Every concept, called e Every at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show held last month. Suzuki is also working together with Toyota and Daihatsu to introduce a range of mini-commercial electric vehicles in Japan to achieve carbon neutrality.

suzuki e every concept 012c0000080205dc

In Pakistan, Suzuki has been dragging the 7th-generation Carry in both its pickup and minivan iterations ever since. Now in the market for over 44 years the duo continues to be on sale despite declining sales numbers. Pak Suzuki has reportedly been planning to phase out the 7th generation Carry (Bolan & Ravi) in Pakistan for the past few years, although the company has not yet made a formal say on the matter.

The Every was also on exhibit by Pak Suzuki at the 2022 PAPS (Pakistan Auto Show) last year, hinting at the possibility that it will eventually replace the aging Bolan in our market. However, no official statement or timeline has been made public as of yet.

suzuki every 65 008d00d408ba067c

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