Sparing Swift, Entire Pak Suzuki Lineup Consists of Obsolete Cars

Pak Suzuki has always been at the center of criticism for selling globally obsolete cars in Pakistan. These vehicles miss on features & equipment as offered in other parts of the world, lack safety, are poorly built, and are sold against a relatively higher price tag compared to the regional markets.

The Auto Policy 2016-21 however changed that outlook a bit, as the company was forced to discontinue the MK-II Cultus after a 17-year run, and introduced the Celerio (badged as Cultus) as a replacement in 2017. It then replaced the 30-year-old Mehran (2nd-gen Alto) with the new 8th-gen model in 2019.

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The company also introduced some new CBU models including the Mega Carry, Jimny, and Ciaz all of which were later discontinued due to poor sales. However, following a brief period of improvement, the lineup for Pak Suzuki in the country once again appears outdated. Merely because time never stops, and Pak Suzuki is notorious for forgoing car updates once they are introduced.

Swift 2

As of now, sparing the new Swift which was introduced last year as a replacement for the model that was on sale in global markets between 2004 and 2010 and was dragged in Pakistan from 2010 to 2021, the entire Pak Suzuki lineup consists of obsolete & globally retired cars. Don’t believe us? Have a look:

Boland and Ravi


These two need no introduction. As we have already written plenty on the 7th-gen Suzuki Cary-based Bolan and Ravi, the duo continues to be sold in Pakistan despite being over 44 years old, and that too, with a price tag close to Rs 2 million. Carry was already replaced by the 8th-gen model in 1985. The most recent 12th generation Carry model is on sale in Indonesia while Pak Suzuki continues to stay 4 decades behind the rest of the world.

Latest Suzuki Carry pickup and minivan

Suzuki Wagon R

Then comes the Suzuki Wagon R, which was based on the second-generation Maruti Wagon R that was launched in 2010 but was routed to Pakistan via Indonesia where it was sold as Karimum Wagon R. Pak Suzuki launched this car in 2014 and then, as usual, left it as is. Today it’s a 9-year-old car in Pakistan and technically a 13-year-old model globally. Not to mention, the Wagon R entered its 3rd generation in India back in 2019 and is no longer on sale in Indonesia, as it was discontinued in 2021 due to dwindling sales, but continues to be sold in Pakistan.

Maruti Wagon R Flex Fuel aac3f521bb
Current (3rd) generation Suzuki Wagon R

Suzuki Celerio

Celerio was launched in Pakistan in 2017, badged as Cultus. However, in India, Celerio entered its third generation in 2021. The one sold in Pakistan debuted in 2014 but alongside our country, it is still being produced in Thailand for some export markets. So while the Celerio we have here is an obsolete model, it’s not yet (completely) retired globally.

2022 03 Suzuki Celerio
The latest (3rd) gen Suzuki Celerio

Suzuki Alto

Alto 002

The 8th gen Alto was introduced in Japan in 2014, and Pak Suzuki was over 5 years late to launch this car in Pakistan. Still, other than Japan, Pakistan was the only country where this 660cc kei car was assembled. But in November 2021, the 9th generation Suzuki Alto debuted in Japan making the one sold in our country an obsolete model.  Despite being out of production in Japan, the Alto remains one of Pak Suzuki’s “newest” models on the market today, right after the Swift. It is also the company’s primary source of revenue during these challenging economic times when sales of every other Suzuki vehicle are steeply falling.

9th gen Suzuki Alto in Japan

While it’s hard to expect Pak Suzuki to make a thorough overhaul of its lineup considering the fact that it has recently announced its biggest-ever quarterly loss amid economic challenges and dwindling sales. Still, at best the company can work to replace the aging Bolan & Ravi with the new Every van as reported last year, as well as a replacement of Wagon R & Celerio with more up-to-date and fuel-efficient options.

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Some quality Suzuki cars that are on sale in other regional markets & are net offered by Pak Suzuki here, include the Ertiga and XL6/ XL7, Ignis, the S-Presso, S-Cross, Grand Vitara, Baleno (hatchback), Ciaz as well as the new Carry minivan & pickup.

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