Zotye Z100 Plus and The Need of Electric Vehicles in Pakistan

Remember Zotye Z100, the Chinese hatchback that HRL Motors introduced back in 2017 for a price tag of PKR 11.7 lac. The car was launched on Facebook and was never actually able to reach dealerships– well if there were any. Although you may still come across a random Z100 unit running on the roads, but that’s quite a rare possibility.

Zotye Z100, known as the once cheapest car in China was based on the 7th generation Suzuki Alto platform. The Z100 is no longer available for sale today, as Zotye had replaced it with an all-electric version called the Z100 EV in October 2014. After 3 years, Zotye presented the facelift for the Z100 EV called as the Z100 Plus at 2017 Chengdu Auto Show featuring an updated front and rear-end and an all-new interior.

The Z100 Plus carries a 13.5 kW motor with 145nm torque and a maximum range of up to 200km in a complete charge. The lithium ion battery takes 6-8 hours for a complete charge, however it requires only 1 hour to reach 80% charge in fast charging mode. As claimed by Zotye, the Z100 Plus can reach a maximum speed of up to 90 km/h.

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The car also comes equipped with a 7-inch information display (meter cluster) and 10-inch infotainment screen with Android Auto, airbags, power steering/ windows, electric parking brakes, ISOFIX seat anchorage, multi-function steering wheel, USB/ Bluetooth connectivity/ GPS and “Follow-me-home” headlights etc.

Pakistan was working on to introduce an electric vehicle policy which later went into jeopardy due to a tussle between two ministries. Furthermore local auto industry including car assemblers and auto parts manufacturers strongly opposed the introduction of electric vehicles, calling the EV policy against the spirit of Auto Policy 2016-21.

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Since Chinese automakers have stopped making small cars with conventional gasoline engines long ago, and have shifted their attention on developing electric vehicles, we cannot expect newer small hatchbacks coming from the Chinese soil anymore. However Pakistan should work towards adapting modern modes of transportation instead of relying on decades old technology since the world is already making a shift towards electrification and it’s always better to catch up early.

Electric cars are not only cheaper to build as they require very small number of moving parts, they are beneficent for the environment, plus they will also greatly help reduce country’s oil import bill. For this Pakistan needs to implement its EV policy toot sweet and encourage introduction of small electric vehicles such as the Zotye Z100 Plus.

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What is your opinion regarding the introduction of electric vehicles in Pakistan, let us know with your comments.

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