Toyota Crown Sport PHEV Launched in Japan

Toyota has officially introduced the Crown Sport PHEV in Japan, joining the standard hybrid variant, which went on sale earlier this year in October. The new plug-in hybrid version is available there for 7.65 million yen (RM249,777), which is a significant price increase over the hybrid, which costs 5.9 million yen (RM192,638).

The Crown Sport PHEV shares the same 2.5L naturally-aspirated petrol engine with the hybrid, as it gets the A25A-FXS unit which is rated slightly lower in terms of output at 174 hp (130 kW) and 219 Nm instead of 184 hp (137 kW) and 221 Nm. However, the range-topping Crown Sport variant comes with a more powerful front electric motor – the 5NM – that augments the internal combustion engine with 180 hp (134 kW) and 270 Nm. By comparison, the hybrid’s 3NM electric motor provides only 118 hp (88 kW) and 202 Nm.

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Together with a separate rear electric motor – the 4NM – that contributes 54 hp (40 kW) and 121 Nm, the Crown Sport PHEV achieves a maximum system output of 302 hp (225 kW). The drive is sent to the wheels via the E-Four all-wheel drive system.

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While the hybrid powertrain uses a nickel–metal hydride battery with a listed capacity of 5 Ah, the Crown Sport PHEV gets a lithium-ion battery with 51 Ah, which Toyota says provides up to 90 km of fully electric driving. Additionally, the automaker highlights a fuel economy of 20.3 km/l and a 1,200 km total cruising range in hybrid mode, the latter of which is supported by a 55-liter fuel tank.

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Toyota Crown Sport PHEV supports standard charging, and based on information from its official website, a full charge will take 5.5 hours (200 V/16 A) or 3.5 hours (200 V/30 A). Fast charging is another option; it is said to take 38 minutes to reach an 80% level of charge.

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Owners can utilize the infotainment and air conditioning systems while the vehicle is charging, much like they would with a full-fledged electric vehicle (EV); this is accomplished through the use of the “My Room Mode.” The 1.5 kW external power source of the Crown Sport PHEV also allows owners to charge additional accessories or devices. Furthermore, the vehicle’s vehicle-to-home (V2H) function can be used to power a home. With a full battery charge and a full tank of gas, this system can provide enough electricity for about 6.5 days of use, based on a daily power consumption of 10 kWh (400 W per hour) for an average household.

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