Toyota Fortuner Sigma 4 Off-Road Experience

Earlier this year, Indus Motor Company (IMC) introduced the new Toyota Fortuner Sigma-4 SUV powered by a 2.8 liter 1GD-FTV engine. Apart from the new engine the Fortuner Sigma-4 offers smart entry, push start button, Power Tail Gate, Smart Entry, HAC (Hill Start Assist Control), DAC (Downhill Assist Control), and VSC (Vehicle Stability Control).

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In order to demonstrate its true potential, Indus Motor Company organized the Fortuner Experiential Drive event & invited us to experience the new Fortuner Sigma-4, and it was an out of the world experience.

The Track

Several media representatives were invited to get a first-hand experience of the new FortunerSigma-4 suitability to off-road driving on a custom-made track that was created as a lookalike of the renowned international 4×4 tracks. It consisted of extreme angle climbs and declines, mud pits, rock crawls, side angle steepers and water wading with slush tracks where the Fortuner Sigma-4 would prove its off-roading capabilities.

Fortuner’s Electronic Drive Controls

The Fortuner is equipped with an Electronic Drive Control with 3 different modes:

  • H2 – which allows the vehicle to be driven in 4×2 mode giving torque to the rear wheels only.
  • H4 – where the 4×4 mode is engaged and torque is supplied to all wheels which offer more traction.
  • L4 – Four-Wheel Low (L4) option which is to be used when one needs the entire vehicle to push to difficult terrains requiring maximum power and traction.

At the track

The first two obstacles were the bumpy jumps and rocky track on which the Fortuner Sigma-4 went like a knife through the butter. The next was the side angle steepers where the SUV demonstrated its balance and composure.

Then came the real test as we had to activate the differential lock. The SUV was made to drive on specially designed iron slabs which were placed to test the Fortuner’s axle winding capabilities, where one of the wheels is high in the air. The system then sends power to the wheels on ground only, helping the SUV overcome obstacles in tricky situations.

We then approached the most thrilling obstacle that was the steep angle climb about 12 feet high, where the Fortuner’s HAC (Hill-start Assist Control) proved its worth and it was something majestically easy for the new Fortuner Sigma-4. For a vehicle that weighs over 2 tons, standing mid way on a 40 degree ramp without the need to press the brake pedal or engage the parking brake was a remarkable thing to experience.

Coming down the slope, the Fortuner’s DAC (Downhill Assist Control) comes into play. With this feature one does not need to apply brake the vehicle brakes on its own, so you can focus on to drive and maneuver only.

We then took the Fortuner for a spin through mud pits and water slush with Fortuner again stamping its authority. It was all too easy for the torque monster to tackle all these obstacles and it felt quite composed.

The Verdict

What I felt driving the new Fortuner was the immense power the engine generates. It churns out a massive 450 Nm of torque compared to 270 Nm of the petrol variant. Its primarily because of the highly efficient and punchy engine that paving through extreme driving conditions was literally no problem for the Fortuner Sigma-4. And not only that the engine is powerful, but its calm & quiet and doesn’t really sound as if it’s working too hard. This also translates into better fuel efficiency and better overall performance of the vehicle.

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The experience of driving the Toyota Fortuner Sigma-4 was something altogether different and extraordinary. With its unparalleled performance, the new Fortuner Sigma-4 is the ultimate choice when it comes to buying a quality 4×4 SUV in our market. It’s a torque monster that is fully capable of quenching your off-road desires.

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