Toyota Hilux and Fortuner Sales Reduced by -49%

The ongoing slowdown in automobile sales has affected almost every vehicle segment, from passenger cars to even the 4×4 pickups and SUVs. The unchallenged Toyota Hilux and Fortuner have been hit quite hard as well.

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In the first two months of this fiscal year, the Hilux range saw -44.5% less sales with just 716 units sold, contrary to 1,292 units sold during the same period in previous fiscal year. As for Fortuner, the figures went even bad. It saw 424 units sold in the first two months of FY2018-19, however with a -62% reduction in sales the Fortuner witnessed only 162 units sold in first two months of FY2019-20.

Collectively the duo sold 1,716 units sold in July & August 2018 versus just 878 units in the same period in 2019 registering a -49% decline in sales. During the last 20 months, prices of these cars were revised nearly 9 times with Fortuner getting an increase up to 48% whereas the Hilux range up to 40%.

Keeping in mind the current scenario, the sales doesn’t seem to be coming on track. Indus Motor Company is already observing plant shutdown several days a month due to lack of demand. The company which used to operate in double shifts has observed 35 non production days during the last 3 months already.

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The imposition of FED on various engine capacity cars, constantly increasing prices due to rupee-dollar parity coupled with additional customs duty on imported parts & raw material and high interest rates had pushed prices of vehicles out of the range of masses. Unless there is a significant drop in prices, the sales doesn’t seem to be improving at all.

As of September 2019, the Toyota Fortuner and Hilux range is priced at:

Toyota Fortuner 2.7L VVTiPKR 79.99 lac
Toyota Fortuner 2.8L Sigma 4PKR 86.49 lac
Toyota Hilux 4X2 Single Cab DecklessPKR 31.59 lac
Toyota Hilux 4×2 Single Cab StandardPKR 34.49 lac
Toyota Hilux 4×2 Single Cab Up-specPKR 34.79 lac
Toyota Hilux 4×4 Single Cab StandardPKR 48.49 lac
Toyota Hilux E 2.8LPKR 52.49 lac
Toyota Hilux Revo G 2.8LPKR 55.99 lac
Toyota Hilux Revo G Automatic 2.8LPKR 58.99 lac
Toyota Hilux Revo V Automatic 2.8LPKR 62.49 lac
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