Toyota Industries Plant Raided by Japanese Transport Ministry Over Testing Violations

Even though Toyota sold 11.2 million cars worldwide in 2023, exceeding all previous records and maintaining its top spot in the global auto industry, problems within the company are brewing quite fast.

The Japanese transport ministry reportedly launched an investigation into Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO), the company’s affiliate that produces diesel engines for it, after abnormalities found during certification testing of several Toyota diesel engines were revealed.

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Ministry officials raided the TICO plant in Hekinan, Aichi Prefecture, yesterday to begin an investigation on the matter, AFP reports. Prior to this, TICO informed Toyota that as a result of a special committee’s inquiry, anomalies were found during the horsepower output testing for the certification of three diesel engine models that TICO had been commissioned to produce.

motomachi plant 2018 005 s

Subsequently, TICO decided to temporarily suspend shipments of the affected engines as well as for vehicles equipped with the affected engines. According to information, 10 vehicle models including 6 sold in Japan, are using the said engines – which are the 2.8L 1GD, 2.4L 2GD, and 3.3L F33A. Toyota Industries said it sold about 84,000 affected automobile diesel engines during the financial year to 31st March 2023. Affected vehicle models include the Hilux, Land Cruiser J300, Hiace, Fortuner, Innova, and Lexus LX500D.

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The Nikkei reported the alleged violations at TICO happened because management would not listen to workers who had questioned an overly aggressive development plan for engines. Toyota CEO Koji Sato has acknowledged that Toyota group companies need better communication and education about the importance of complying with rules.

akio bow down

Hours after the TICO investigation began, Toyota chairman Akio Toyoda apologized and promised to steer the firm out of trouble and ensure that the Japanese automaker’s group companies continue to produce good cars. At a news conference, Akio Toyoda stated:

“My job is to steer the way for where the overall group should go.”

Following Daihatsu’s safety test controversy, which led to a complete shutdown of operations at its four Japanese factories in late December, came the TICO testing scandal. Not to mention Toyota also found itself caught in hot waters when another of its company Hino was found falsifying emissions data for over 20 years. The TICO manufacturing halt is scheduled to last until the mid of February 2024.

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