Uber, Careem Banned from Entry at Karachi Airport

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has banned Careem and Uber, from operating within the premises of Jinnah International Airport in Karachi. According to CAA, both the companies have been informed that the ruling will be in effect as long as they fail to meet the legal requirements of the Sindh Transport Authority.

CAA Additional Joint Director (Vigilance) Tariq Ahmed Siddiqui wrote a letter to the two ride-hailing companies stating that their operations at the airport would be considered illegal and that they “exploit the business of registered cab companies.” According to the letter, the companies have also been asked to update their websites and apps to reflect that they are barred from offering pick and drop services at the Karachi airport.

Earlier, the Jinnah International Airport management had placed warning signs at the airport regarding the ban on Careem and Uber services and the cars found violating will be impounded. According to The Express Tribune, the Transport Secretary had also written to the airport management to explain that the two ride-hailing companies are not in compliance with various laws, which is why they must be barred from entry to the airport till the services gain legal cover from the transport authorities.

What is your opinion regarding this measure by the Karachi airport management and the Sindh Transport Authority, let us know with your feedback.

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