Volvo Says Goodbye to Diesel Engines

Volvo fulfilled its vow to stop producing diesel powertrains when it made the announcement last year. The automaker has now officially ended its ties to diesel after 45 years and millions of sales.

The final diesel engine Volvo happens to be the XC90 which left the factory in Torslanda, Sweden. As a showcase piece marking the end of the diesel era, the SUV is currently en route to the World of Volvo, the company’s museum in Gothenburg. This chapter started 45 years ago, in 1979 when the automaker put its first diesel vehicle into production.

Final Volvo diesel- the XC90

Volvo promised to realize its goal of having a rolling fleet with net-zero emissions by 2050. Before then, however, the Swedish marque intends to only offer all-electric vehicles by 2030, and have net-zero value chain emissions by 2040.

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As stated in Volvo’s climate plan, the next step toward achieving its climate goals would be the complete erasure of internal combustion engines from their lineup. Coinciding the erasure of Volvo’s diesel department, the firm bolstered its electric mobility offerings. In 2023, Volvo debuted its fourth electric vehicle, the EX30.

ellectric Volvo EX30 11

Volvo was among the automakers that decided to shift its focus to electrification. In 2023, its EV sales increased by 70% and its global electric market share increased by 34%. Ultimately, it says it aims to become an EV-only company and achieve net-zero emissions by 2040.

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