Windbooster Titan Electric Supercar From China


The incredible Windbooster Titan electric supercar from China will hit the Chinese car market in the first half of 2017. Amazingly it will have 544 horsepower, 44 more than the company claimed earlier on, although torque figures stand unchanged at 1000 Nm.

The Windbooster Titan will be manufactured by a company called Windbooster Car Corporation, which is fully owned by Cammus, a large maker of performance and after-market parts. Cammus was founded in 2008 and decided to go into cars in 2014, with the Titan as the first result.


The battery pack is 500V/72 kWh and will take seven hours on 220V to fully charge and 1.5 hours on a fast charger while the range will be 400 kilometers in full charge. Top speed is said to be 260 km/ hour, while it will take 3.9 seconds for the Titan to reach 0-100 km/h, and just 5.9 seconds to reach 250km/h.

There are two motors, one at the front axle and one at the rear axle. Together they will deliver 544 hp and 1000 Nm. The engines weigh 75 kilo each and redline of 12,000 RPM.

Titan measures 4500/1950/1200 mm, with a wheelbase of 2650 mm. The battery pack is located just before the rear wheels, giving the Titan a ‘mid engine’ layout. The chassis is based around a tubular frame made partly out of steel and partly out of titanium.


There are a little less than 10 electric cars being developed in China by various companies which are expected to be officially released in a couple of years time. Windbooster Titan is probably going to be the first of the lot to go out on sale by the first half of 2017.


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