Zhidou Rainbow Mini EV Launched in China for Just PKR 12.24 Lac

Zhidou has officially launched its Rainbow mini EV in China with prices ranging between 31,900 and 43,900 yuan ($4,400 – $6,000). This converts into just PKR 12.24 lac to PKR 16.69 lac making it even cheaper than the likes of ancient United Bravo and Prince Pearl in Pakistan.

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Available in 5 trim levels and 7 exterior color options, the three-door and four-seater Rainbow EV measures 3,224/1,515/1,630 mm, with a wheelbase of 2,100 mm. Notable design elements include the Big Dipper headlights, carbon fiber external mirrors, Y-shaped lights, and 13-inch or 15-inch Roman shield wheel hubcaps, according to the trim.

Zhidou Rainbow 2

Inside, the pink-themed interior features a double-spoke steering wheel, a 5-inch full LCD instrument panel, and a 9-inch central control screen under which the knob-type physical buttons are retained. Other configurations include mobile phone remote vehicle control, remote vehicle unlocking, remote car search, scheduled charging, and OTA updates. Additionally, Zhidou claims that there are more than 20 storage spaces throughout the interior. The standard trunk length is 390 mm, and the storage volume can be expanded to 1,034 liters by folding down the rear seats.

Zhidou Rainbow 6

It comes powered by either a 20 kW/85 Nm or 30 kW/125 Nm electric motor, paired with a lithium iron phosphate battery pack supplied by Guoxuan Hi-Tech. The battery pack is available in capacities of 9.98 kWh, 17.18 kWh, and 17.3 kWh, corresponding to a CLTC cruising range of 125 km, 205 km, and 201 km, respectively.

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After launching the Rainbow EV, Zhidou aims to launch at least 8 more models, and in the next five years, will expand its portfolio to 16 models.

Source: CarNewsChina

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