13.28 Million Vehicles Registered In China This Year

The number of automobiles has reportedly increased significantly in China in the first half of 2016, according to Chinese authorities.

There have been 13.28 million units of vehicles, the licenses of which were newly registered by the end of June this year. There have a total of 285 million units of automobiles including 184 million units of cars in China so far.

The number of cars, of which licenses were newly registered, has showed a considerable upward trend, taking up increasingly larger shares of automobiles, from 43.88% to 64.39%. There have been 46 cities where the number of automobiles has been more than one million units, including 16 cities where that has been even more than two million units.

The growth of the number of private vehicles in China has remained considerable this year with 10.85 million units newly registered. Meanwhile, the number of legal drivers has been 147 million so far, which is also increasing considerably.


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