2019: Toyota Corolla Remained the Bestselling Car in Pakistan

Year 2019 wasn’t a good one for the auto industry which faced a severe slowdown in sales. Sales were already on a decline since 2018 due to constant depreciation of Rupee against the US Dollar, however the situation worsened when government introduced FED and other additional duties which resulted in an even greater increase in car prices.

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However even when the Rupee stabilized and actually got recovered during the second half of the year from 165 to 154 against a Dollar, local auto assemblers kept pushing the prices up in order to dampen their declining profits which continued to cast negative effect on the overall sales of locally assembled vehicles.

Still, as per the stats Toyota Corolla with 40,512 units once again emerged as the bestselling car of the year in 2019. Bear in mind the figures below represent sales in full calendar year and not the fiscal year. To give you a more lucid picture, we have divided the data representing sales of the first 6 months and latter six month separately. This will show how badly the sales of each vehicle were affected during the second half of 2019.

Make & Model Jan-Jun 2019 Jul-Dec 2019 Total Sales in 2019
Toyota Corolla 28,770 11,742 40,512
Honda Civic & City 17,402 6,919 24,321
Suzuki Alto 23,658 23,658
Suzuki Wagon R 16,533 4,546 21,079
Suzuki Cultus 12,006 6,609 18,615
Suzuki Ravi 9,428 4,262 13,690
Suzuki Bolan 9,497 2,790 12,287
Toyota Hilux 2,642 1,881 4,523
Honda BR-V 2,551 1,227 3,778
Suzuki Swift 2,541 1,136 3,677
Toyota Fortuner 1,356 552 1,908
Isuzu D-Max 400 264 664

Honda Civic & City combined stood at second place with 24,321 units. However since Honda Atlas has stopped displaying individual sales figures of both these cars, it won’t be too fair to call them second best sellers, as discrete sales of both these cars will be far hopeless for sure.

Suzuki Alto 660cc that was launched in June 2019 emerged at third place with 23,658 units. However considering the fact that this figure was achieved in just 6 months, the feat is quite impressive for sure. The Alto has already broken the monthly sales record and continues to remain the bestselling car in Pak Suzuki’s lineup.

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Wagon R and Cultus, the once bestselling Pak Suzuki cars suffered a lot during the second half of 2019 with sales almost cutting into half. In case of Wagon R it was a staggering 72% decline. The rest of the lot didn’t even manage to surpass 15,000 unit mark in the entire year. Most astonishing is the bottom of the chart- the Isuzu D-Max which in the entire year wasn’t able to make it even close to 4 figures.

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