Does “All New” in Pakistan Actually Mean “6+ Years Old”?

We have seen these things quite often, haven’t we? Honda launched the globally retired 6th-gen City a couple of years after the arrival of the 7th-gen model and called it “all-new”. Kia “introduced” the globally discontinued 2nd gen Picanto and obsolete 3rd gen Sorento to be labeled as “all-new”. Hyundai launched the obsolete 6th gen Elantra as “all-new”, United introduced the retired Alpha hatchback as “all-new” and the list goes on & on.

And the latest addition to these “all-new” vehicles in Pakistan is Toyota Yaris. The Yaris, like about 70% of other “new cars” offered in our country, is an obsolete model. Even though the newest generation model arrived last year, we have yet to see a “facelift” of the previous generation model, as the one for sale in Pakistan is the pre-facelift iteration that was sold elsewhere between 2017 and 2020- the same year when the Yaris was “launched” in Pakistan.

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Now while scrolling Facebook, I stumbled upon this: “The all-new Yaris Aero, where sleekness meets exclusivity.” Before scrolling down further, my heartbeat raised as I almost thought Indus Motor Company (IMC) might be finally introducing the “all-new” Yaris even though in the back of my mind I was expecting a Yaris facelift. But to my disappointment, it was nothing more than a body kit, slapped on the same obsolete previous generation Yaris without any significant improvement on offer.

IMC screenshot Aero

The “all-new” Toyota Yaris Aero with the new Aero Body Kit is only available in Yaris 1.3L CVT and 1.5L ATIV X CVT variants, indicating that IMC has decided not to offer the new Aero-Body Kit on its entry-level Yaris variants. What the Aero kit includes is:

  • Front and Rear Bumper Extensions
  • Side Skirts
  • Trunk Spoiler
  • Body-Colored Trim Around Fog Lamps
  • Lowered Stance

Keep in mind the “lowered stance” is not because of some performance coil springs or suspension upgrades, it’s just a side skirt that slightly dampens the visual effect of an awfully increased ride height of locally assembled Yaris. The sedan’s performance, engine, and interior remain completely unchanged. But these blessings come along with a price hike which has been topped by Rs 200,000 compared to the regular variants.

2023 “All-New” Toyota Yaris Aero Price in Pakistan

VariantPrice (PKR)
Yaris Aero 1.3 CVTRs. 5,199,000
Yaris Aero 1.5 CVTRs. 5,969,000

This makes the price of the “all-new” Yaris Aero 1.5L CVT even closer to the Rs 6 million mark, not to mention we still have the 2017 iteration of the sedan that misses out on plenty of features that were available with the Yaris in other markets, 6+ years ago.

The “all-new” Yaris Aero in Pakistan

To begin with, the locally assembled Toyota Yaris still comes without projector headlamps, and it lacks 4-wheel disc brakes, cruise control, parking sensors, rear vents, etc. Furthermore, even the most expensive variant comes with only 2 airbags, whereas the number of airbags in pre-facelift Toyota Yaris sold in other markets was 7.

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The list of missing features also includes a short pole antenna instead of sharkfin, halogen headlamps instead of projector units, no rain-sensing wipers, no leather seats, no electrical seat adjustment, no dashcam recorder, no seatbelt reminder system, no high-speed warning system, no paddle shifters, no roof-mounted rear air vents, no rear sunshade, no rear armrest with cup holders, no cooled glove box and no TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) to name a few.

toyota yaris ativ 2023 13

The latest generation Yaris has been introduced in a number of markets since it made its debut in Thailand in August of last year. However, in Pakistan, IMC is yet to offer us a proper facelift model with updated specs & features that went on sale in international markets in 2020. While the company even in the toughest of economic times is contended by launching the Hilux Revo GR-S and Fortuner GR-S priced at PKR 1 crore 61.89 lac and PKR 2 crore 10.89 lac respectively, targeted purely toward the elites, the rest of the consumers shall remain contended with an obsolete Yaris Aero that’s certainly not an “all-new” model.

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