MG HS Price Increased by Rs 500,000

By announcing a significant price increase for HS Essence, MG Pakistan has decided to end its Ramazan Offer before Eid.

Having retained the price of the HS Essence crossover– the only locally assembled MG model in Pakistan, so far during the month of Ramazan, MG has now decided to hike the price of HS Essence by Rs 500,000. Effective from 18th April 2023, the price of MG HS Essence is Rs 8,699,000.

MG previously said that the HS Essence will not be increased in price as a result of the 7% increase in General Sales Tax (GST) on luxury vehicles and SUVs. Hence, the price was retained at Rs 8,199,000 throughout the month of Ramazan. The company further stated that bookings of the new HS Essence are open with deliveries set to be made in May 2023.

HS Blk

The CBU-imported versions of MG HS saw immense popularity in Pakistan with thousands of units flocking into the country. However, due to the constant devaluation of PKR against the US Dollar and the volatile economic conditions of the country, the locally assembled HS is around 56% more expensive than the imported HS from a couple of years ago. Whether the locally assembled HS Essence will be able to draw a large number of customers with this increased price tag, we will have to wait to find out.

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