All New MG2 in the Works

MG recently unveiled the latest generation of the MG3 but the hatchback will no longer be the entry-level offering in MG’s lineup as an affordable EV, possibly bearing the MG2 moniker, is already under development.

David Allison, head of product and strategy at MG Motor’s UK division, confirmed that a small EV is being developed in an interview with Auto Express during the MG3’s Geneva Motor Show debut. The senior official acknowledges that he has seen the model already and thinks it will likely get a green signal to move into production.

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MG may procure parts for the upcoming model by utilizing the parent (SAIC) company’s parts bin. This would enable it to provide competitive specs and compete with the least expensive electric cars in Europe. It would also help to shorten development times by getting to market before the segment became overcrowded with competitors.

MG 2 Render Carscoops Final 1 2048x1151
Speculative rendering of the forthcoming MG2 (courtesy: CarScoops)

Though there is no word regarding how the MG2 will look, it will most probably borrow styling cues from the MG4 and the newly released MG3 hatchback. As for its official name, and the expected debut date are concerned, Allison said:

“Probably a couple of years away, maybe 18 months (second half of 2025). It’ll probably get a new name but it would sit quite nicely within the existing convention. If you said MG2 then you wouldn’t be a million miles away – 2 is the next step.”

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For MG2 to be successful and become available to more consumers, the price must be competitive. In this regard, Allison said:

“Everyone seems to be looking in that area at the moment – B-segment or just below it, around four meters in length, with that magic €20,000 ($21,864) price bracket. If anyone’s going to do that, we should be right there. There’s an absolute window of opportunity around £20,000 ($25,673). It’s a combination of range, size, and price – and if you hit all those three, you’ll nail it.”

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