Can We Still Get the MG3 in Less Than Rs 20.0 Lac?

The all-new third-generation MG3 hatchback just made its global debut at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show. Interestingly, it also arrives in February exactly 3 years after Javed Afridi sparked an unparalleled interest among Pakistanis about the MG3 hatchback (second-generation) with his “less than Rs 2.0 million” tweet made back in February 2021.

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Since then, Afridi being a key figure behind MG cars in Pakistan & a huge fan following on his social handles, has tweeted multiple times regarding the arrival of MG3, often using the “coming soon” captions. A less than Rs 20.0 lac price tag might sound like a bold claim today but back then, Suzuki Alto 660cc used to cost between PKR 12.74 lac and PKR 17.04 lac while the Swift at that time was priced at PKR 20.3 lac for manual and PKR 22.1 lac for the automatic variant. A hatchback that actually competes against the Swift in terms of size & market segment but priced in the league of Alto was sure to get the attention of the public.

MG3 geneva
All-new MG3 at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show

Today, the Alto is priced as high as Rs 29.35 lac for the VXL AGS variant while the new Swift is priced between Rs 43.36 lac and Rs 50.40 lac. But today it’s quite hard for anyone to expect a brand-new hatchback to be available in this price range. Even if Javed Afridi brings the obsolete 2nd-gen MG3 here, it will be impossible for them to price it for less than Rs 2 million, but it will still be an appealing option if priced below the new Swift.

Javed Afridi with the 2nd-gen MG3

Not fewer than 6 times has Javed Afridi teased the MG3 hatchback on his social handles, shared pictures or videos occasionally, or even posted pictures of himself with the car. However, instead of being taken seriously, tweets become more like meme templates now.

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MG Pakistan has recently introduced a range of electric vehicles priced in the premium league, including the MG ZS EV, the MG5 SW, and the new MG4 EV. But with the arrival of the new MG3 which also comes in a right-hand drive (RHD) version already, it won’t be too difficult for the company to bring this car here.

mg 3 2024 rear 2

Bear in mind that MG3 is among the bestselling small cars in RHD markets including Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Plus, with a hybrid powertrain, the new MG3 will also qualify for tax incentives for hybrid cars should MG consider bringing this car here. MG is yet to reveal the pricing for the latest model debuted at the Geneva show, which is expected to go on sale in European markets by the middle of this year with Asia Pacific & Oceanic debut to be followed soon after.

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Perhaps, like most other assemblers MG Pakistan might want to introduce an obsolete model as a locally assembled offering. However, it will be very interesting to see whether the car is still going to be priced below Rs 2.0 million.

The 2nd-gen MG3 hatchback
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