MG9 and MG S9- High-End EVs from Sister Brand at Geneva Show

The all-new 3rd-generation MG3 just made its debut at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show. Alongside, the MG3 the parent SAIC Motor also displayed a couple of high-end EVs from MG’s sister brand Rising Auto, which were rebadged as the MG 9 liftback and the MG S9 fastback SUV.

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These cars are based on the F7 and R7, available in the Chinese market under the Rising Auto, known as ‘Feifan‘ (飞凡) in China. SAIC believes these 2 models from the sister brand will assist MG in entering the new market categories, which will drive sales up. It is also beneficial to Rising Auto, whose domestic sales volume is relatively low.

MG9 S9

MG is a former British brand now owned by SAIC Motor. Because the MG brand name is well-known among the global consumer base, SAIC leverages it as a driving factor for its international sales. The Chinese automaker frequently rebadges its various automobiles under the MG brand. Recent examples include the Wuling Air EV which became the MG Comet, the Maxus T70 became the MG Extender, the Roewe Ei5 was sold as the MG 5 and the Roewe Marvel R became the MG Marvel R. Now 2 more vehicles from the Rising auto are set to join the MG lineup in global markets.

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The domestic model lineup of Rising Auto in China comprises two models: the R7 fastback SUV which became the MG9 and the F7 liftback which now became the MG S9.

MG9 (Rising Auto R7)

The MG 9 is a large electric liftback which measures 5,000/1,953/1,494 mm with a 3,000 mm wheelbase. For comparison, the MG 9 is 10 mm longer, 7 mm narrower, and stands 84 mm taller than the Audi e-tron GT. It boasts sleek styling having large slim headlamps with DRLs, retractable door handles, and a coupe-like body shape. The vehicle boasts an impressive drag coefficient of 0.206 Cd.

MG9 at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show

Inside, the MG 9 has an array of three screens under a glass panel. The instrument cluster has a diameter of 10.25 inches, the main screen is 15.05 inches, and the front passenger monitor is 12.3 inches. There is another 8-inch screen for the rear passengers. The MG 9 has a flat-bottomed multi-function steering wheel with a gear shifter mounted behind it.

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The powertrain of the MG 9 is likely similar to the Rising F7. The entry-level variant will get a 250 kW single electric motor mounted at the rear axle powered by a 64-kWh LFP battery, good for a 500 km CLTC range. The second version has the same electric motor mated with a larger 77-kWh ternary NMC pack for 602 km. There is also a long-range version with a 90 kWh battery and a range of 702 km. Then there is a 4WD performance variant with two electric motors for 400 kW and a 90 kWh battery for the 632 km range.

MG S9 (Rising R7)

The MG S9 is a mid-sized fastback crossover with similar styling to the MG 9 sedan. It also has a sleek roofline, frameless doors, and slim DRLs. The S9 measures 4,900/1,925/1,655 mm with a wheelbase of 2,950 mm. For reference, it is 149 mm longer, 4 mm wider, and 26 mm higher than the Tesla Model Y.

MG S9 at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show

The interior of the MG S9 also has a triple-screen setup but it additionally gets an augmented reality heads-up display from Huawei. As for the powertrain, the entry-level variant gets a 250 kW single electric motor mounted at the rear axle powered by a 64-kWh LFP battery, enabling a 536 km CLTC range. There is also a long-range variant with a 90-kWh battery for a 670 km range.

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Additionally, as per recent reports, SAIC co-owned IM brand is also set to rebrand its models as MG for the European and South American markets.

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