More Than 2 Years, Still No MG3 in Pakistan

It’s been more than 2 years since Javed Afridi first tweeted about the MG3 hatchback in Pakistan. Afridi is the key figure behind MG cars in Pakistan and enjoys a huge fan following on his social handles where he often shares updates regarding various MG cars.

In February 2021, he indicated that the MG3 hatchback would be launched below Rs 2.0 million price range. This caught the attention of the mass majority of auto consumers of the country since it was a price bracket where only an entry-level Alto would compete, whereas the MG3 is supposedly a competitor of Suzuki Swift.

Back then, Alto 660cc used to cost between PKR 12.74 lac and PKR 17.04 lac while the Swift at that time was priced at PKR 20.3 lac for manual and PKR 22.1 lac for the automatic variant. A hatchback that actually competes against the Swift but is priced in the league of Alto was sure to get the attention of the public. However, since then, the MG3 can be seen only on Afridi’s social handles.

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Even as recently as October 2022, Javed Afridi once again tweeted asking the public if they are ready to welcome the MG3. And in various of his tweets that followed the original once in February 2021, he kept affirming the “yes, below Rs 2.0 million” price range for the hatchback. Surprisingly however, MG Pakistan imported various vehicles for testing purposes which include MG5 (MG GT), MG RX8, Marvel R, and Gloster but still, not a single unit of MG3 has been imported into the country for trials & tests.

During the last 2 years, Javed Afridi has teased the MG3 hatchback not less than 6 times. Sometimes shares images, or videos or even poses himself with the car. However now the tweets have become more of meme templates rather than people taking them seriously.

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The Rupee value has nosedived in recent years which has taken a toll on prices of locally assembled cars in Pakistan with the Alto 660cc now priced between PKR 21.44 lac to PKR 27.95 lac. Whereas the Swift now costs between PKR 40.52 lac to PKR 47.25 lac. In these circumstances, it’s obviously impossible for MG to launch the MG3 hatchback below the Rs 2.0 million mark.

Interestingly, the MG3 is nearing its production run. The current 2nd generation model debuted in 2011 and received two facelifts– one in 2013 and the second in 2018 which is its current guise. Although it remains the bestselling small car in right-hand drive markets such as Australia and UK, its future remains uncertain since its already more than a decade old model now.

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Today, with restrictions imposed by the government on the import of CKD kits, even the established players with decades of presence in the country are finding it hard to assemble vehicles due to depleting inventory. In these circumstances, it will be interesting to see the formal launch of MG3 in Pakistan or perhaps we will witness yet another tweet by Javed Afridi asking us whether we are ready for the MG3 hatchback or not.

MG3 bangkok

Or maybe MG, like most other assemblers is waiting for the MG3 hatchback to be discontinued from the rest of the world after which it will be “introduced” in our country. However, by that time, will the car still be priced below the Rs 2.0 million mark will surely be an interesting thing to see.

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