Javed Afridi Again Says MG3 is Coming Soon

Javed Afridi’s never-ending series of MG3 teasers continues as the key figure behind MG cars in Pakistan has once again teased the MG3 hatchback with a ‘coming soon’ caption.

This time Javed Afridi can be seen standing with a right-hand drive example of a black colored MG3 in an MG’s dealership somewhere in the UK. In another tweet, he is showing the interior and exterior of the same car.

Without doubt, MG3 is among the most anticipated cars to be launched in Pakistan ever since Mr Afridi teased about a Rs 2.0 million price tag for the hatchback in February 2021. Then recently he again reassured the Rs 2.0 million price tag in June 2022. However we are not really sure if MG3 will be available this cheap, considering the fact that even a 660cc Suzuki Alto has surpassed this price barrier. Perhaps a bone-stripped base variant will be available around this price mark.

MG3 happens to be the smallest car in MG’s global lineup and is currently in its third generation which has been blessed with a couple of facelifts– the current iteration was released in 2018. It comes powered by 1.5L engine that is available in two guises– 105hp with 137Nm and 109hp with 150Nm while paired to 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission options. MG also has a downsized 1.0L three-cylinder turbo engine in its arsenal which is deployed with the ZS crossover in certain markets & there is certainly a possibility for the smaller turbo engine to be deployed with MG3 in our market. However nothing has been confirmed by MG Pakistan in this regard.

Related: MG Reaffirms Introducing 3 CKD Models in Pakistan

Recently, MG Pakistan once again reaffirmed its commitments to launch 3 CKD models in the country. These will include the MG HS crossover, MG5 (MG GT) sedan while the company didn’t mentioned the name of the third model it intends to launch and gave no information on the pricing either. Interestingly however, Javed Afridi in his earlier tweet in March 2022 mentioned MG3 hatchback and Gloster SUV alongside MG GT as upcoming new models.

The company so far has been dealing only in CBUs but with recent restrictions on the import of CKD kits, even the established players with decades of presence in the country are finding it hard to assemble vehicle due to depleting inventory. In these circumstances, whether MG will be able to kick-off its CKD operations and launch new models in the country will sure be an interesting thing to see. What is your take on MG’s position in the market, let us know with your comments.

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