Will MG3 Get 1.0L Turbo for Pakistan?

MG3 hatchback has been a hot topic for auto enthusiasts of our country ever since Javed Afridi, they key stakeholder behind MG (Morris Garages) cars in Pakistan has teased the arrival of the MG3 hinting a price tag of less than Rs 2.0 million.

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With a 1.5L engine under its hood, the MG3 will primarily compete against the likes of Suzuki Swift and FAW V2 in our market. Interestingly, hatchbacks with this bigger engine displacement (as per out market norms) doesn’t sell well at all. Both Swift and V2 are known as slow sellers in Pakistan with average monthly sales of less than 300 and 100 units respectively.

However, with a hinted price tag of Rs 2.0 million, the MG3 is being pitted against the likes of Suzuki Cultus & Kia Picanto by the pundits due to the price factor. But the question remains, how come a 1.5L hatchback can be priced at Rs 2.0 million considering our duties & tax structure for this engine displacement?

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Javed Afridi or MG Pakistan is yet to release official specifications & details of the MG3 hatchback which comes standard with a 1.5L engine. Interestingly however, MG does have a downsized 1.0L three-cylinder turbo engine in its arsenal which is deployed with the ZS crossover in certain markets.

The MG3 hatchback

If MG3 comes here with a 1.0L turbo engine under its hood, it can surely be priced around Rs 2.0 million as hyped and can definitely give some tough time not only to the likes of Swift & V2 but also to the 1.0L Cultus & Picanto. Although the company is yet to make an official announcement regarding the introduction of MG3, but if it arrives with a 1.0L engine, the hatchback might see immense success in our market.

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Ground breaking of MG’s plant was held earlier this year whereas the construction is expected to be completed in a year. According to previously shared information, MG’s strategy for Pakistan is to flood the market with CBUs with an idea to capture the market before its able to begin with local production. “We are going to spoil car consumers with options” was confidently claimed by an MG official, and from the looks of it they are eyeing to grab a bigger chunk of each segment.

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