MG to Launch 3 Locally Assembled Vehicles Soon

So it finally looks as if auto consumers of Pakistan will get their hands on locally assembled MG vehicles. Javed Afridi in his recent tweet has indicated that local assembled MG3, MG5 and MG Gloster will be launched in Pakistan soon.

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The tweet which shows a video shared by Fakhr-e-Alam, gives us a walk-through of MG’s plant showing various stages of assembly process.  This was just one of  the many videos shared by Fakhr-e-Alam on his Twitter handle showing different parts of MG’s assembly plant.

He emphasized that Pakistani businesses need proper facilitation, conducive business environment, investment friendly policies & above all a fast super-efficient bureaucracy. He went on to add that the plant can produce 100 vehicles in a day with an estimated monthly production rate of 3,000 units.

MG was so far relying on imported CBU units and still managed to sell over 10,000 units of MG HS which is considered among the most popular crossovers in Pakistan. However, after the increase of Regulatory Duty (RD) and Federal Excise Duty (FED) on CBU units earlier this year, the price of MG HS has reached PKR 8.9 million putting it out of the reach of majority.

About the vehicles mentioned by Javed Afridi, the MG3 is a hatchback, MG5 also known as MG GT is a sporty sedan whereas the Gloster is a 7-seat SUV comparable to the likes of Kia Sorento. The beginning of local production was the need of the hour and with arrival of more models in the lineup, MG can better position itself to face the immense competition arriving in the market.

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