Hybrid Cars That Should be Introduced in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the number of available hybrid options has increased recently, as automakers have been touting the advantages of these vehicles for the betterment of the environment and for lowering the country’s fuel import bill.

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Interestingly, however, there isn’t a single hybrid vehicle available for mass-market buyers, and the concept of environmental benefits and fuel import costs are rendered meaningless, as all hybrid cars introduced so far are targeted at the elites and have prices starting at around Rs 9 million and going up to even Rs 15 million.


In order to reap the true benefits of hybrids, these vehicles should be made available in the lower-end segment of the market, such as the small hatchbacks and sedans that are sold in volumes. Examples of hybrids & mild-hybrid cars offered in markets such as India, Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia, etc should be a case study for local automakers & policymakers alike.

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Bear in mind small hybrid cars among the used JDM imports have already seen wider popularity among the masses in Pakistan. Let us now have a look at possible mass-market hybrid cars that should be introduced here instead of keeping the hybrids restricted to serve the elites only.

Suzuki Swift Hybrid

suzuki swift hybrid badge

Swift has been a very popular choice in Pakistan ever since the new model was released here in early 2022. Currently only available with a 1.2L naturally aspirated engine, the Swift does have a hybrid variant offered in other markets. Moreover, the Swift hybrid was seen testing ahead of the formal launch of this car in Pakistan but the hybrid variant is yet to be offered by Pak Suzuki. Additionally, the all-new Swift has debuted already making the one in our country an obsolete model, but it does allow the company to bring its outmoded hybrid tech to be offered with this car.

Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Toyota Corolla Altis 1 8 Hybrid High007

The 12th-gen Corolla made its debut nearly 6 years ago in 2018 and is about to be phased out globally by the end of this year or early next year. Pakistan has just welcomed the Corolla Cross hybrid which itself is based on the 12th gen Corolla platform. The company is still in the position to introduce the Corolla hybrid sedan in Pakistan which will work to enhance its vision of doing better for the environment & reducing the fuel import cost by enhancing its hybrid portfolio here.

Toyota Aqua Hybrid

2021 Toyota Prius c 4 e1626685254860 850x533 1

Aqua hybrid has always been a prime choice for Pakistani auto consumers among used imported JDM cars. Toyota is yet to formally launch a locally assembled Aqua hybrid in Pakistan, but in order to justify its vision of doing better for the environment & reducing the fuel import bill, the company must introduce the locally assembled Toyota Aqua hybrid in Pakistan for the mass-market buyers.

Honda City Hybrid

city ehev 2

Honda introduced the 6th-gen City in Pakistan in mid-2021, a couple of years after it was discontinued from the rest of the world. Pakistan is currently the only market where this obsolete model of City is still being produced & sold. However the new 7th-gen City is offered with Honda’s latest hybrid tech and with the company already having the latest Civic in its portfolio, makes one wonder that there is always a capacity to bring the new City hybrid here. Honda has already sold both generation models in parallel in certain markets including India (however the 6th-gen has now been completely discontinued there), so it does make sense to keep selling the obsolete City in Pakistan slotted below the new City hybrid which will be positioned below the new Civic here.

Honda Fit Hybrid

fit hybrid

Lastly, the Honda Fit Hybrid (also known as Jazz Hybrid) offers a balance between fuel efficiency and affordability. Its compact size and latest hybrid technology make it a popular choice in markets where it is offered. A Fit Hybrid in Pakistan will work towards cementing the local assemblers’ vision of producing quality & affordable hybrid cars for Pakistani consumers.

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