2023: Top 3 Worst Selling Cars in Pakistan

In our earlier post, we shared the 10 top-selling cars in Pakistan for the year 2023, a year that will be remembered as the worst for the local auto industry which faces a number of challenges and a dreadful market slowdown.

But things get even more interesting if we turn the sales charts upside down. This reveals the three worst performers of the year with some extremely hopeless sales numbers. Well, the criteria to be included in this list is simple— sales of less than 1,000 units throughout the year 2023. Let’s have a look at the top 3 worst performers among locally assembled cars sold in Pakistan last year.

3- Honda BR-V

Honda has been struggling with the dwindling sales of BR-V for a long time now. To blanket the dismal numbers, the company started merging its numbers with the HR-V, but thanks to Auto Journal with their strong connections within the industry, we have the individual sales numbers of the Honda BR-V.

honda br v cover

According to the data, only 854 units of Honda BR-V were sold in the whole of 2023 which is 74% less than 3,253 units sold in 2022. The monthly sales average turns out to be a miserable 71 units only. Not to mention BR-V sales peaked in 2017/18 with 8,684 units sold.

2- BAIC BJ40 Plus

bj40 1

While Sazgar has been doing wonders with its Haval SUVs, it has been severely struggling with the BAIC BJ40 Plus. Only 141 units were sold in 2023, down 61% compared to 468 units sold in 2022. The monthly sales average of BJ40 Plus in 2023 is just around 11.75 units.

1- Isuzu D-Max

Since its introduction in our market back in November 2018, Isuzu D-Max has been known as a permanent resident of the extreme bottom of domestic sales charts. And it successfully retained its reputation in 2023 as well.

isuzu dmax pk

Sales of D-Max were recorded at 138 units throughout 2023, which is 61% less than the 352 units the company sold in 2022. The average turns out to be a dismal 11.5 units per month.

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