2024 World Internal Combustion Engine Conference

The 2024 World Internal Combustion Engine Conference took place in Tianjin, China, from April 19–23. In the context of reducing “dual carbon” emissions, scientists, entrepreneurs, technicians, and over forty academicians from China and other countries convened to talk about the future development of internal combustion engines.

The goal of the conference was to encourage the coordinated growth of the whole internal combustion engine industrial chain as well as the innovation and integration of internal combustion power with other power technologies. But it wasn’t engines running on gasoline or diesel that was the hot topic, rather hydrogen power was the main debate.

Conference Feature

Wan Gang, Chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology, and Jin Donghan, an academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, paid a visit to the Yuchai exhibition hall to see the progress made in hydrogen engine research and development. Yuchai is China’s largest independent professional powertrain system supplier, with a history of supplying engines to automakers. It was also the first internal combustion engine manufacturer in China to produce and sell more than 10 million units. Yuchai Group’s Chief Engineer, Lin Tiejian, presented a report on their hydrogen engine technology at the conference.

Hydrogen Motor

It was reported that Yuchai, which has made significant breakthroughs in hydrogen engine research, development, and deployment, attracted wide attention from the industry at this conference. During the presentation, Mr. Lin introduced China’s first commercial vehicle, a hydrogen engine, and elaborated on the fact that Yuchai adheres to an innovation-driven development strategy that focuses on both traditional and new energy. He said:

“Through technological upgrades, product upgrades, and manufacturing upgrades, Yuchai has overcome technical challenges, creating numerous first-of-its-kind power products in the fields of traditional fuel power, hybrid power, and new energy power, driving the entire industry chain towards high-end, intelligent, and green development. This contributes to the high-quality development of China’s internal combustion engine industry and realizing the country’s ‘dual carbon’ goals.”

Other leaders, experts, guests, and customers attending the conference also expressed strong interest in hydrogen engine technology. During the meeting, the Hydrogen Engine Innovation Consortium, initiated by the Chinese Society for Internal Combustion Engines, was officially established, with Yuchai as a director unit due to its leading advantages in the field of hydrogen engines.


It was recently reported that 50% of China’s auto sales are EVs, so the internal combustion engine seems to be slipping quickly in its market share in China’s auto industry. It will be interesting to see if the new hydrogen combustion engine technology discussed at this year’s conference can also play a larger factor in the future of car sales in China and around the globe.

Source: CarNewsChina

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