Toyota Debuts the Hilux Hydrogen Fuel Cell Prototype

Toyota has created the first Hilux hydrogen fuel cell prototype that has been unveiled in England. Produced at the company’s Burnaston vehicle plant in Derby, the Hydrogen-powered Hilux comes to fruition as the UK government provided funding to support this collaborative project with consortium partners.

toyota hydrogen fueled hilux prototype pick up(1)

Toyota Mirai components are used in this Hilux’s powertrain which can travel up to 365 miles (587 km) between hydrogen refills, according to the automaker. Toyota plans to produce 10 such prototypes by the end of this year.

toyota hydrogen fueled hilux prototype pick up

Images reveal that the hydrogen tanks are roughly where the cabin would fit between the frame rails. Under the hood, normally where the combustion engine is located, are the additional fuel cell components. The battery is located at the back.

toyota hydrogen fueled hilux prototype pick up 02

To ensure that the model lives up to the tough heritage of the Hilux, the automaker plans to put the 10 prototypes through vigorous testing. Toyota is preparing tests for their safety, usability, and durability & is interested in learning about the advantages and disadvantages of a pickup powered by fuel cells.

toyota hydrogen fueled hilux prototype pick up(2)

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