5 Benefits Of A Clean Car


There is something about a clean car that just makes the ride always more enjoyable. While there are a lot of tips out there guiding you on how to clean your car inside and out, there are lesser known benefits of keeping your clean car.

Improved Safety


Believe it or not, it’s true! The cleaner your car, the safer it will be. Having clean windshields both front and back will ensure you have greater visibility, especially during night hours. It will also mean that other vehicles can see your signal lights better. By giving your car a regular check-over you can also resolve issues as they arise.

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And, decluttering your car will keep objects away from foot pedals and the steering wheel which could otherwise impede your ability to drive well.

For Your Own Health


Think of your car as a small version of your home. If you aren’t dusting and vacuuming up dirt, you are exposed to all sorts of nasty things like allergens, airborne pollutants and contaminants, dust mites, germs, bacteria & what not.

So you better get to work on the interior, including floor mats, vents and seats. Remember, a tidy and clutter-free car also reduce your stress level!

Better Resale Value


This point is pretty basic, but it remains true, we all get a little lazy after we’ve had our cars for a while. When you keep your car clean and well maintained, it will look newer and run better.

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However if you chose to sell it, people will be able to see that you have taken care of routine maintenance and repairs by outer, as well as the inside appearance and smell of the vehicle.

Lighter Car Means Less Fuel


Don’t carry unnecessary stuff around in your vehicle with you. Weight does play an important role in determining fuel efficiency of a car, that’s why auto manufacturers these days are making cars as light as possible in order to achieve better mileage.

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The lighter the load, the less weight you are driving around with, which means your car consumes less fuel while moving. According to a research, losing 40kg of weight improves fuel economy by 2%.

Boosts Your Self Esteem


Your car can say a lot about you.  If you are driving around in an old beat up car that is full of unnecessary stuff, it can be pretty embarrassing and certainly doesn’t make for a good impression.

You don’t have to have an expensive new car, but taking pride in your ride reflects on you as a person and how others perceive you as well. Not only will you exude more confidence, but you will also feel happier about your car buying decision and more grateful for the car itself!



Now that you know the benefits of a clean car, we hope you’ve been inspired to keep that pride of ownership through washing, waxing and polishing your car to its original shine!


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