7 Ways You Can Become a Better Person on Road This Ramazan

We here at CarSpiritPk want to make sure that this Ramazan, our readers become better people on the roads. Ramazan is a month of blessings when almost everyone tries to be a overall a better person and practices religion. It’s also the month where you don’t want to hurt anyone in any way.

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You might not know that but you, yes YOU, can really be a p.i.t.a for someone else on the road or vice versa. There’s a good chance some people do these annoying acts unintentionally, but they’re still annoying and it’s time we address them. And even if you’re not fasting, there’s a huge share of people on the road who are fasting and whom you don’t wanna upset.

Being a little kind to Bike Walas

Yes, bike walay, isn’t it plain annoying when they hog the right lane and block your way? HOW INCONVENIENT RIGHT? You should just go near him and honk the crap out of them committing this gunnah, right? No, Here’s why. While you’re cocooned in your luxurious air conditioned car, the bike wala has to deal with the scotching heat and the sunlight. Temperatures go as high as 45 degree Celsius and sometime when they’re in the right most lane there’s a good chance they’re in the right lane for the shade to get rid of the brain frying sunlight or maybe there’s a right turn or a U-turn ahead they want to take that.


And even if they are hogging the right lane, maybe be a little nicer and honk a little, if they still don’t get out of the way, honk a little more. They’ll probably give way. If not, samaj jao bechary ko shadeed roza lag raha hai left se nikaal lo. You won’t want your roza to get kharab now do you?

Not Going way below Speed Limit

Yes you own a nice ass car (Disclaimer: It can even be a Mehran) and app ko koi anni nai pari you’re going to your destination at your pace, maybe trying to get the most kilometers out of your fuel. You’re cruising down road maybe on a phone call unaware of the cars around you. Yeah you couldn’t possibly harm or hurt someone while doing this now can you?


WRONG! While you would want to be Captain Slow, not everyone wants to be one. There’s some of us jin ko anni pari hoti hai maybe to get home with dahi in time. So maybe not drive in the right lane or the middle if you want to go slower than the traffic? Yeah, go right of the left side of the road, duayein de ge hum :’)

Not Going way above Speed Limit

Okay, yes, there is some of us jin ko anni pari hoti hai maybe to get home with dahi in time. But then there’s some people who think they are Paul Walker (Remember? The guy died while speeding.) And they go at speeds way above 80 kmph in City. Okay, yes, we understand aapko roza lag raha hota hai but hey, everyone else is going below 70kmph for a reason: Safety. Drive safe, here there’s even an ayah exactly for people like you.

(2:153) إِنَّ اللّهَ مَعَ الصَّابِرِينَ ٢:١٥٣

Beshak Allah sabr karne walo ke sath hai.

“Verily, Allah is with the patient”

Respecting the other Gender

You pull over at a red-light and OH MY GOD  there’s a very very pyari bachi  in the Corolla next to you. Why not stare her with your X-RAY vision until the the light turns green? BECAUSE IT IS WRONG, DISRESPECTFUL AND ACTUALLY SINFUL. You wouldn’t want someone else to treat a woman in a relationship with you like that would you now? Roza na kharab karien please?  Yeah then be a good boy and learn to respect the other gender. Who knows, you might get engaged to her in the future?

(Disclaimer: Shaadi shuda hazraat aesi koi umeed na rakhien)

Giving Way Like a Pro

You’re driving at a normal pace, suddenly some guy behind you flashes high beam to ask for way. OH GOOD LORD! USSKI YE HIMMAT?  And you must not give him way and act like a stubborn child, nor would you reject giving him way by turning on right flasher, you’d just go on about pretending they don’t exist. Like kisi or ko tou jaldi ho hi nai sakti na? And no one can dare to over take you, right?

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Yeah, not really. People can. And they sometimes want to.


You never know what is the other person going through, maybe they’re going a little faster than the speed limit because they have a legitimate emergency. You never know. And hey there’s no harm in flashing high beam to ask for way, it’s a legit method for asking for a way to the drivers ahead. So be a nice person and give way. And hey, if you can’t ya phir apko koi akeer hi roza lag raha hai, you can always turn on your right flasher to tell them it’s not going to happen so they can stop bugging you.

Use of Low Beam

There are some among us that probably don’t know there’s such a thing called “Low Beam”. Yes when you’re blinding other drivers with your high beam, it’s not roza time, but hey it’s Ramazan and you’re being a turd to everyone on the road, be it another driver or a pedestrian. I’ve heard a a lot of people saying that they can’t see without high-beams but hey you’re binding ten more drivers while using them.


It’s time we be kind and humble to the people around us and prevent the use of aftermaket HIDs and High Beams. Ahista Ahista nazar anay lag jaye ga. 

Less Use of Horns

Unless you’re sitting inside a car, which you usually are, horns are very very loud. There are times when horns have given me a minor heart attack. Yeah, there are times when you have to honk  to get other driver’s attention or to let people know you’re coming, they’re usually okay. But when you put your hand on the horn and forget about it is then it gets really annoying.

Let’s all join hands together to make roads a better and a safer place. Did we forget to add something? Let us know in the comments below.

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