ArcFox Kaola- A Smart Car for Middle-Class Parents in China

This is the ArcFox Kaola, a vehicle that provides a smart way of mobility to middle-class parents with infants in China. ArcFox calls it a “smart parent-child car for middle-class parents with infants”. That may sound a bit fuzzy, but it is an interesting vehicle with some ingenious solutions.

In terms of design, the ArcFox Kaola is an attractive compact car, with a shape that blends together elements of an MPV and a station wagon. The overall styling is very smooth & uncluttered with slim LED headlamps with DRLs, flushed door handles, a dual-tone paint scheme, and nicely designed alloys. The rear end has slim connected tail lights with illuminated ArcFox lettering.

Exterior of ArcFox Kaola

Inside, the dual-tone interior gets a minimalist design theme, a multi-function flat-bottomed steering wheel, and two large screens, one acting as a driver information display while the other has a central multimedia unit. But the talking point about this vehicle is its intelligent parent-infant-related features.

kaola 10

According to ArcFox, there are almost 14 unique functions that the Kaola EV performs, which are:

  1. A separate camera/sensor is aimed at the baby seat in the back. Imagery can be viewed and recorded on the main screen. The camera intelligently recognizes the child’s sleeping state, automatically adjusts the air conditioner, audio, and ambient light, and switches the multimedia channel to the main driver’s headrest audio. The camera can also automatically recognize whether the baby is crying, actively play soothing music, and provide a soothing atmosphere. The digital assistant in care of all these functionalities is a blue koala bear called Kaola.
  2. The infotainment system has a special scheduling function. It can schedule reminders for pregnancy checkups, birth checkups, vaccinations, and medical checkups.
  3. A virus-disinfecting air conditioner plus an anti-virus interior, which uses organic antibacterial agents that are healthy and friendly to infants, without heavy metal components.
  4. A mercury-free ultraviolet active germicidal lamp, that can cover 99% of the area where children and mothers sit.
  5. The door trim on the left-rear door has a child-friendly image of a car carrying a koala and a display that shows the ambient menu and temperature.
  6. A special baby car seat, exclusively for the Kaola so it fits perfectly, designed by ArcFox and car-seat maker Goodbaby. The seat can switch to a lying position for the baby to fall asleep.
  7. The child seat can also sense the temperature change of the seat to judge whether the baby is excreting (pooping), and the air will be automatically sucked away in an “excretion mode”.
  8. When the mother approaches the car, the sliding door will open automatically, and the child’s seat will turn towards the sliding door, so the mother can put the baby in the seat easily.
  9. The onboard “smart heating and cooling box” can store 4 feeding bottles with milk, with 4 levels of temperature control, which can be remotely controlled from a smartphone.
  10. A “workbench”, an extra strong tray table, where mom can change the infant’s diaper.
  11. The side airbag on the side of the baby’s seat has a volume of 37 liters, 12% larger compared to a standard side airbag, to offer better protection for the baby.
  12. The right-rear seat can fold into a “resting posture for women lying down” for the mother to take a rest.
  13. A privacy curtain for the rear row, which is convenient for breastfeeding.
  14. A trunk cloakroom, convenient for changing clothes.

ArcFox Kaola official video

The ArcFox Kaola definitely provides some very interesting solutions to young parents with newborn babies, but this will also make it a preferred choice for such parents only. However, there is no word yet on the engine, battery, autonomy, performance, or price of the vehicle. And whether ArcFox will offer other versions with conventional seating layouts for those having bigger families, we will have to wait to find out.

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