BYD Pickup Spotted Testing in North America

BYD is in the process of introducing a Toyota Hilux-sized pickup truck, the camouflaged test mules of which were seen for the first time earlier this year. Now the yet unnamed pickup truck, which was said to be a global model, has been undergoing testing in Mexico which hints at its possible arrival in the North American markets.

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BYD electric pickup truck being tested in Mexico

The pickup truck shares much of the components & technical bits including the DMO platform with BYD’s Fang Cheng Bao 5 SUV. According to the company, the platform offers ‘a revolutionary off-road experience’ and the cutting-edge technology promises ‘an unparalleled off-road adventure.’ Key elements of the platform include a non-load-bearing frame especially designed for hybrids which is then matched with a longitudinal high-performance engine in the PHEV system. It utilizes cell-to-chassis (CTC) technology which helps reduce weight while increasing rigidity. There is a dual-motor electric four-wheel drive system with independent double wishbone suspension up front and in back.

byd dmo

BYD’s DMO platform prioritizes energy efficiency by integrating the advantages of DM-i and DM-p technology. Furthermore, it allows real off-road ability. Using the electric four-wheel drive system the pickup can adjust the torque distribution between front and rear swiftly and intelligently. System responses are measured in milliseconds allowing ultra-fast motor responses in conditions where there are rotational changes such as in icy conditions. The energy center lock facilitates intelligent torque transfer between front and rear axles, enabling speeds up to 30 times faster than a mechanical center lock.

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On the other hand, CTC not only improves torsional stiffness but also has a corresponding effect to mitigate vibrations in the vehicle body translating into an ability to go across various road conditions and terrain with smoothness and stability. BYD claims the truck has industry-leading NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) levels.

BYD’s official promotional video for the upcoming electric pickup

Further helping the BYD pickup traverse rough terrain is a 540° view camera which means it combines a 360° surround view with a 180° undercarriage view. The pickup also has V2L capability although currently BYD hasn’t given more details but it may well have the same 6 kW discharge capacity as the Leopard 5.

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Although specs haven’t been shared officially, media reports suggest that the powertrain will be similar to the plug-in hybrid (PHEV) system of the Bao 5. This consists of a 1.5L turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine making 194 hp and 273 Nm paired with two electric motors – one each at the front and rear axles – producing 272 hp and 360 Nm at the front and 387 hp and 400 Nm at the rear. The combined system output is rated at a whopping 687 hp and 760 Nm.

BYD electric pickup truck being tested in Mexico

The BYD pickup truck has already been spotted in right-hand-drive form and has been confirmed for the Australian and South African markets. A formal unveiling is expected to be made later this year.

Source: CarNewsChina

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