BYD Surpasses 6 Million NEVs Production Milestone

BYD has surpassed the 6 million NEVs (new energy vehicles) production milestone in China. Remember that BYD since last year, has already discontinued producing cars with internal combustion engines (ICE).

After celebrating the 5 millionth feat, the company has achieved another 1 million NEV unit production within just 3 months. The 6 millionth unit was a Bao 5 SUV which is sold under BYD’s newly launched sub-brand namely Fang Cheng Bao (FCB) which is the 5th in the row of the BYD brand matrix following the Dynasty series, Ocean series, Denza, and Yangwang.

BYD produced the 6 millionth NEV

According to BYD, the new FCB sub-brand will meet the increasingly personalized needs of consumers by offering a series of unique and professional-grade NEV models.


The brand name Fand Cheng Bao translates literally as “Formula” and “Leopard” in Chinese, symbolizing the pursuit of the transformative rise and the exploration of digital realms. It blends the standards and rules of Formula with the agility and wild versatility of the Leopard, bringing out the distinctive essence of the brand and BYD’s vision of future cars and lifestyles. According to Wang Chuanfu, the Chairman and President of BYD:

“Many people think that the global e-mobility transition is a revolution in the automobile industry, where vehicles powered by fossil fuels get replaced by electric cars. However, from BYD, we believe this is only a minor part of the whole transition, and a greater realm is unfolding. BYD envisions that Fang Cheng Bao serves as the prelude to the revolution. With an attitude of always staying ahead of trends, FCB and its users will decode the future of personalized car life through its diverse range of new energy vehicle products.”


BYD has 9 manufacturing plants across China which produce cars to be sold within the Chinese market as well as 58 export destinations across the globe. Interestingly, it took BYD 13 years to produce 1 million NEVs since the launch of BYD F3 DM in 2008. It then broke the 2 million NEVs threshold much faster in just 12 months. The 3 million milestone required only 6 months. And then, BYD celebrated producing another 2 million NEV units in only 9 months.

Fangchengbao Bao5 13

Having produced 1 million units between August and mid-November of 2023, the company on average produces 11,110+ cars a day. For the sake of comparison, in the current market situation, all local auto assemblers in Pakistan would require nearly 2 months to cumulatively produce this many units.


BYD is aiming to further boost its production rate as it is building manufacturing plants outside of China including Thailand, and Brazil. It was also attempting to build a manufacturing facility in India, but the move was rejected by the Indian government. Nevertheless, BYD is inching closer to dethroning Tesla to become the largest EV maker in the world. It has already done so as far as the NEV numbers are concerned but Tesla remains ahead of BYD in terms of pure-electric (EV) vehicle sales.


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