Aston Martin to Replace DBS with a V12 Supercar

With the goal of creating a dramatic contrast between its V8-powered Vantage and DB12 siblings, Aston Martin is preparing to reinvent its powerful V12-powered DBS grand tourer.

The carmaker is keen to provide every front-engine vehicle with a unique personality and set of features, emphasizing that their automobiles will stand out for having unmatched power outputs.

13 Aston Martin DB12 2024

After the DB11 was replaced by the DB12, which placed more focus on long-distance refinement, the upcoming DBS replacement is expected to prioritize speed and agility, establishing itself as the flagship model in Aston Martin’s sports car lineup. Aston Martin’s model transformations will also include interior redesigns for the DBX SUV, which will see the addition of a touchscreen multimedia system in 2024.

dbx aston

Although the DB12 only has a Mercedes-AMG twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8, the much-anticipated DBS reincarnation may mean the end of Aston Martin’s beloved 5.2-liter V12. The V12 engine, which was increased to 565 kW for the last DBS 770 version, might get even more power to compete with Ferrari’s impending 812 Superfast replacement.

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According to reports, the forthcoming supercar might have an incredible 596 kW, which would make it Aston Martin’s most potent internal combustion engine vehicle for the road. Along with more power, a thorough chassis makeover with revised dampers and higher stiffness to better cornering performance is also expected.


It is expected that the design of the DBS replacement will depart from the DB12 and be influenced by track-focused models like as the DBS 770, Vantage V12, and DBX 707. Inside, Aston Martin fans can expect to see the brand’s new self-developed cockpit design featured across its next-generation lineup.

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This transition gains curiosity from the background of Aston Martin’s DB nameplate. The DB series is a representation of strength and performance, building on the tradition of legendary models. Aston Martin has continuously pushed the limits of automobile engineering with each iteration, leading to the upcoming DBS reincarnation.

aston martin dbs superleggera rear 720x405px

According to the company, the next V12-powered Aston Martin DBS is expected to be more than just another version; rather, it will be a testament to Aston Martin’s dedication to power, innovation, and the best driving experiences possible.

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