Renault to Revive Twingo As An Affordable EV Hatchback

Renault is set to revive the Twingo as an affordable electric hatchback. The new Twingo Legend concept, inspired by the first-generation Twingo from the 1990s, is part of Renault’s plans for a new lineup of electric cars.

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The first-gen Renault Twingo

The first-generation Renault Twingo was said to be one of the most iconic French cars of the 1990s. The new EV resurrection features design elements that are clearly an homage to the original Twingo, including semicircle-shaped headlights and taillights and an upright two-door hatchback shape that should make for a remarkably spacious cabin given its tiny footprint.

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Twingo Legend

While detailed specifications for the Twingo EV are not provided, it will be built on one of Renault’s new EV-specific platforms. According to the automaker, the new Twingo EV will be priced under €20,000 making it more accessible to a wider audience. Its main focus will be to rival the influx of low-cost small EVs from China that are fast making their way into the European markets, as well as its own EU-originated rivals such as Citroen & Fiat.

Renault 20Twingo 20EV 20side

Renault’s move towards electric vehicles aligns with global trends, and the company’s plans for an affordable EV like the Twingo Legend could contribute to the growing popularity of electric mobility.

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