BYD’s YangWang U9 Electric Supercar Unveiled

BYD was supposed to unveil its latest SUV under the new YangWang premium brand on 5th January, which it did by revealing the U8 electric SUV. However, the automaker took everyone by surprise as it revealed an electric supercar named U9, which was something totally unexpected.


The U9 incorporates the brand’s “Gate of Time and Space” design language as seen with the U8 electric SUV. It has a low-slung silhouette with two scissor doors and some complex aero components. At the front, the C-shaped LED headlights are quite large, clasping the F1-styled nose in combination with the vents on the pronounced fenders. The splitter has integrated fins and yellow accents just like the side skirts and the rear diffuser.

Yangwang U9 3

Black elements around the bodywork like the ones next to the side air intakes create a dual-tone finish, contrasting the bright yellow shade. Another highlight is the transparent fin sticking out of the vented rear windshield. The inlets below the full-width LED taillights are a typical design trait of supercars but in Yangwang’s case, they appear to be blocked.

Yangwang U9 5

The Yangwang U9 can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in flat 2 seconds only. BYD hasn’t revealed the power output but confirmed it will be equipped with the “Yisifang” tech for its quad motor setup. This will be a shared feature among all Yangwang models, with the independently controlled electric motors allowing sophisticated torque vectoring functions. In the U8 SUV, the “Yisifang” system offered crab walk and tank turn capabilities but in the road-focused U9, it could introduce different functions aimed at improving handling and performance.

Yangwang U9 1

In the Yangwang U8 SUV, each of the four electric motors produces 295-322 hp and 320-420 Nm of torque, resulting in a combined output of over 1,100 hp. That sounds more than enough to endow the lighter and more aerodynamic supercar with mind-blowing performance if the same setup is assumed to be available with the U9.

BYD Yangwang U9 intro

And the most interesting part, Yangwang U9 is not a concept but a production vehicle. When it launches in China, the U9 will be priced at over 1,000,000 yuan ($145,340) and will undercut GAC’s Aion Hyper Hyper SSR which starts from 1,286,000 yuan ($186,870).

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