Singaporeans Shake Car Vigorously to Fill More Petrol in the Tank

Singaporeans have a unique way of refueling their vehicles. Drivers would tilt their cars to get as much fuel in and may even “shake” their vehicles to get as much fuel possible into the tank.

This is a rather common sight in Singapore and one such incident was recently captured & shared on social media which went viral. In the video (shared below) a woman can be seen pumping fuel while three of her companions, including an elderly woman, push the 10th gen Toyota Corolla sedan up and down.

However, overfilling the vehicle’s fuel tank outweigh the perceived benefits of getting that extra drop to gain that extra kilometer on the road. The action can damage the car as it can overwhelm the Evaporative Emission System (EVAP) which is designed to store and dispose of fuel vapors before they are released into the atmosphere. Overfilling can cause liquid fuel to enter the charcoal canister (or carbon filter) of the EVAP, which is designed only for vapor, damaging it and potentially other parts of the system, requiring what would likely be an expensive fix.

Source: Paultan

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