Changan Alsvin Goes 22 Km/L in Fuel Economy Run in Philippines

Changan Alsvin sedan in Philippines has delivered impressive fuel consumption figures in the latest fuel economy test that was conducted with the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP).

According to the official result, the Alvin which was a 1.5L DCT variant after 180.652 km of highway driving from Balagtas, Bulacan to Tarlac City, achieved a fuel mileage of 22.023 km in a liter. To ensure that the fuel economy run was done under realistic driving situations Changan Philippines and AAP made sure that the car maintained a speed of 60 to 85 km/h. The Alsvin also tallied an above-average result of 9.369 km/l during a city driving test run from Makati-EDSA to SLEX East Service Road and back with a GPS-tallied distance of 90.7 km. The test was done with speed appropriate to road traffic situations.

Alsvin Ph

The Alsvin used for both test runs was set with driving parameters suited for real-life driving conditions. It was filled up to the brim with RON-95 fuel. All OEM equipment were present and the tire pressures were kept at OEM specifications. The air-conditioning system was set on medium-cool setting, while the radio was either not used or set to low volume. The 1.5-liter engine of Alsvin is paired to a 5-speed dual clutch transmission that provides the convenience of an automatic vehicle and the sportiness of a manual car.

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The Alsvin sold in Philippines matches with the one sold in our market in terms of specs & features. Like Pakistan, the base model in Philippines too, comes with a 1.4L engine that comes paired to a 5-speed manual transmission. Although there is no concept of certified fuel economy testing of cars sold in our country, however one cannot assume the locally assembled Alsvin to deliver exactly similar results due to the availability of varied or low-quality fuel sold here.

Alsvin Ph2

Still, if you own a Changan Alsvin you can share with us what mileage you are achieving on highways and within city traffic conditions and also mention which brand of fuel you are using in your car. Better still, considering the official fuel economy results of Alsvin in Philippines, we can safely say its a fuel efficient sedan for sure.

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