Changan’s Lumin EV Becomes Even Cheaper, Can Pakistan Benefit?

Changan’s Lumin EV is among the popular mini-electric vehicle offerings in China. The pint-sized car has just witnessed a massive discount making it more accessible to the masses.

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Due to intense competition in the Chinese auto sector, automakers are engaging in a pricing war for cars, offering big discounts and perks to entice buyers. Therefore, it is not surprising that Changan Lumin’s price has dropped. But the most intriguing aspect is the massive discount the small car receives.

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Changan Lumin’s pricing has been lowered by up to 12,000 yuan (PKR 4.65 lac), with the EV now boasting a starting price of just 37,900 yuan (PKR 14.70 lac). However, the discount on the flagship Lumin variant is less generous at 5,000 yuan (PKR 1.94 lac).

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The 2-door Lumin EV is based on Changan’s EPA0 platform and measures 3,270 mm long, 1,700 mm wide, and 1,545 mm tall with a wheelbase of 1,980 mm. To better understand its size, the Suzuki FX we had here was 3,195 mm long, 1,395 mm wide, and 1,335 mm tall with a 2,150 mm wheelbase. So the Changan Lumin EV is almost similar in length but is much wider and taller than the FX with a bigger wheelbase ensuring a generous space inside.

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Regarding the powertrain, the entry-level version comes equipped with a 12.92-kWh LFP battery good for a 155 km CLTC drive range. The mid-spec version is available with a 17.65-kWh LFP battery and a 210-km CLTC range. The top trim level has an LFP battery of 27.99 kWh using which the Lumin can run up to 301 km (CLTC) before the battery goes dry.

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The Lumin has been a successful model for Changan with sales of 140,800 units in 2023. This alone is 43% more than the combined number of PAMA cars sold in Pakistan during 2023. Interestingly, 77% of Lumin buyers in China are females.

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Electric cars whether smaller or expensive have witnessed good traction in recent months with plenty of automakers having tapped the segment with their EV offerings including the Huazi Omega, Volt EV, and Gigi Mini EV.  This makes us wonder what if Changan Pakistan decides to tap the small EV market with the Lumin EV?

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The car has adorable looks, in fact much different than the generic EV lot, and has a decent level of equipment such as LED lights, pop-out door handles, multi-function steering, digital instrument cluster & floating 10.25-inch touchscreen having navigation, phone, music, radio, climate control, USB port, and 12V charger. Safety equipment includes 4 airbags, ABS brakes, electronic stability control, traction control, backup camera, speed alert, and autonomous driving functions including cross traffic alert, blind spot monitor, lane departure warning, and lane keep assist.

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The base price (37,900 yuan) converts into PKR 14.70 lac so there is plenty of room for the company to price it competitively, plus the smaller battery capacity easily allows it to circumvent the 50kWh battery cap imposed in the EV policy. So what do you think, should Changan Lumin EV make its way here? Let us know with your comments.

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