Chery Claims Omoda & Jaecoo are World’s Fastest-Growing Automobile Brands

Chery has claimed that its Omoda & Jaceoo sub-brands are the fastest-growing automobile brands in the world. The Chinese auto giant laid the bold claim based on both market expansion results and actual sales data. According to Omoda & Jaecoo global CEO, Shawn Xu who was speaking at the ongoing 2024 Beijing Auto Show:

“I can proudly say that we are the fastest expanding car brand in the world.”

Since its official launch less than a year ago, Omoda & Jaecoo, also known as O&J, has successfully entered over 40 high-potential markets worldwide. There are currently 873 dealer networks in those markets making it a fantastic debut year.

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As part of the brand’s “European campaign,” an assembly plant was recently opened in Spain. Notably, this is the first vehicle production facility in Europe operated by a Chinese automaker. According to the company, O&J values local production and uses the “In somewhere, For somewhere” philosophy to encourage globalization while fostering localization.

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Omoda & Jaecoo is the fastest-growing auto brand in terms of hard sales numbers too. It took them just five months to reach the 50,000-unit milestone and another three months to hit 100,000 units. In its first full year of sales operations, O&J’s global sales volume has exceeded 160,000 units – the fastest ever recorded for a fledgling car brand.

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Bear in mind that these numbers only include vehicles sold with either Omoda or Jaecoo badges, and don’t include, for instance, the badge-engineered O7J vehicle models sold by Chery’s other sub-brands. Also note that Chery International recently decided to split its many brands into three sub-divisions – Chery, Exeed, and Omoda & Jaecoo (with O&J combined as one) each with its own CEO and top management teams. Certain new markets, however, needed a more tailored approach.

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Chery was also considering its feasibility study to introduce Omoda & Jaecoo vehicles in Pakistan, but of late the brand itself has got into miseries due to economic uncertainties and import restrictions imposed by the govt resulting in the closure of its assembly plant. But the obstacles in the Pakistani market aren’t causing any hindrance in the meteoric rise of Chery & its other brands including O&J in global markets.

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