Chery Remains China’s Top Vehicle Exporter for 21 Straight Years

Chery has once again topped the Chinese export charts for being the top vehicle exporter for 21 consecutive years having shipped just under a million units in the past 12 months.

In total, Chery exported 937,148 units to various markets around the globe. Furthermore, Chery Group outpaced the industry growth rate with cumulative annual sales of 1,881,316 units, marking a 52.6% year-on-year increase.

According to Chery, this has led to a global automobile user base of over 13 million, of which 3.35 million are based in overseas markets. Chery has pledged to expand its product lineup in the upcoming year in tandem with their growing global footprint, with a great focus on hybridization and electrification.

In 2024, Chery will launch a series of these new PHEV and BEV models in multiple markets, equipped with cutting-edge technologies such as the new generation DHE/DHT, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and an intelligent cockpit, continuously enhancing the technological attributes of its vehicles through product iterations.

Furthermore, Chery will push its sub-brands including Omoda, Fulwin, Jetour, and Jaecoo into various markets across the globe which will help the automaker achieve even greater sales.

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