Tesla Delivered a Record 1.8 Million EVs in 2023

Tesla has unveiled its EV delivery and production figures for 2023, according to which the company produced 1.846 million EVs in 2023 and delivered 1.809 million. This is 38% more than the numbers from 2022.

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Initially, Tesla predicted that it would sell 2 million vehicles in 2023, but reduced the figure downward in its October 2023 earnings call. It did, however, outperform analyst projections for Q4 2023, with 494,989 EVs produced last quarter and 484,507 delivered.

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China is one of Tesla’s most important markets, but the company faces fierce competition from another EV behemoth, BYD which sold 3.02 million electrified vehicles in 2023, of which 1.6 million were EVs and 1.4 million were plug-in hybrids. However, the majority of BYD’s EVs are substantially less expensive than Tesla’s vehicles.

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With the astounding growth rate of BYD, it is expected that the Chinese EV giant will surpass Tesla in EV-only sales within the next couple of years or sooner. Although in terms of NEV (new energy vehicles) sales which include EVs, PHEVs, and EREVs, BYD has already surpassed Tesla to become the global leader of electrified cars.

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