Clarkson, Hammond and May To Launch DriveTribe


Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are trying to become the Facebook of the car world with something they call DriveTribe.

DriveTribe, which aims to become the digital home for motoring fans worldwide, is structured into different “tribes,” each with their own characteristics and personality while anyone can post to in a social media-like way. Each tribe will be hosted by stars, bloggers, writers and videographers, including Clarkson, Hammond and May, who will generate and curate their own content for fans.

From the way the “The Grand Tour” hosts describe the site in their own words, it looks like something you’ll want to check out.

Richard Hammond writes: “Gamers have got twitch, travelers have got Trip Advisor and fashion fans have got, oh, something or other too. But people who are into cars have got nowhere. There’s no grand-scale online motoring community where people can meet and share video, comments, information and opinion. DriveTribe will change that. And then some,”

According to James May: “This is pure digital inclusivity. Some of the world’s most endangered tribes — Volvo enthusiasts, for example — will now have a voice as loud as everyone else’s,”

“I didn’t understand DriveTribe until Richard Hammond said it was like YouPorn, only with cars,” Jeremy Clarkson stated.

You’re getting the chance to lead a “tribe” too, say the ex Top Gear trio. Apply on their website, and if you impress them enough, then you could be one of the content pioneers.

DriveTribe thinks there is a big gap in the market, with (they say) 428 million people on Facebook with a self-declared like of motoring — slightly smaller than Movies and Entertainment, which are the number 1 category. Additionally, cars are a bigger interest category than News & Current Affairs (410 million), Football (380 million) or Pets, Dating and Toys combined. At the same time, not one of the top 500 websites globally is dedicated to cars.

There’s such a vast number of motoring fans on Facebook alone that this could turn into something huge for the car community. With “The Grand Tour” being exclusive on Amazon and this new website coming out, it looks like the three Brits are pushing hard to make internet-based content work.

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